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L'Toh Ltha'Dyh Corporation

L'toh Ltha'Dyh Corporation is the primary military contractor for the Lorath Self Defense Force. It was formed in YE 42 under the direction of High Priest Aris'Taeus "Karma" Tur'Lista and Sen’yhty "Fate" Fyunnen.

L'Toh Ltha'Dyh

L'Toh Ltha'Dyh Corporation
Faction Lorath Matriarchy
Corporate Network Nepleslian Arms and Munitions1)
Oversight High Priest Aris'Taeus "Karma" Tur'Lista
Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lita
Sen’yhty "Fate" Fyunnen
“Forging Ifmir's path under Voxphine's gaze”
Product Symbol LL
Starter Employees 56,000
OOC Managers Andrew and Sageshooter

L'Toh Ltha'Dyh means “Star Strider” in Lorathi

About L'Toh Ltha'Dyh

With the departure of the United Manufacturing Cooperative in YE 39 with Project Checkout, it left the Lorath without a primary contractor to run their shipyards and industry. In YE 42, under the direction of High Priest Aris'Taeus "Karma" Tur'Lista, through his temporary proxy Sen’yhty "Fate" Fyunnen, the L'toh Ltha'Dyh Corporation was formed to fill the role as primary military contractor for the Lorath Self Defense Force as well as handle other industrial and manufacturing needs while their society and economy recovered.

The primary mission of the company is to forge a new direction for technology development for the Lorath people and to modernize existing assets to ensure the functionality of the Lorath Self Defense Force as an effective military arm of their nation. The secondary mission as laid out by High Priest Aris'Taeus "Karma" Tur'Lista to Sen’yhty "Fate" Fyunnen, is to prepare an exploration and colonization fleet for possible migration towards the galactic north. (see:Waiting for Destiny.)


The corporation has a temporary headquarters set up at:

Shipyard Assets

The "Wh'ki"-Class Shipyard is the primary orbital shipyard facility for the L'Toh Ltha'Dyh. These recovered shipyards were out of the Nepleslia's Lorath Assets that were transferred to the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and would be used until L'Toh Ltha'Dyh could develop their own shipyards.

Manufacturing Facilities

L'Toth Ltha'Dyh Corporation has both orbital and ground-based manufacturing facilities in the following locations:

Corporate Fleet

L'Toh Ltha'Dyh Corporation was just founded. There is no corporate fleet at this time.

Current Projects

L'Toh Ltha'Dyh Corporation was just founded. Current Projects are being discussed.


The L'Toh Ltha'Dyh Corporation is currently planning their future products.

Discontinued Products

There are no discontinued products at this time.

OOC Notes

Andrew and Sageshooter created this article on 2020/02/13 18:21.

  • If Andrew and Sageshooter become inactive, this corporation is NOT adoptable.
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Technology cooperation between L'Toh Tha'Dya and NAM is only for products made for LSDF usage.

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