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Scimitar Starfighter

Developed over several years from YE 29 until its final version accepted into production in late YE 31, this fighter was designed to be small, light, maneuverable and fast. The design is semi-modular to accommodate many different armaments, and its primary purpose is anti fighter and Anti-PA.

Scimitar Starfighter

About the Ship

The Scimitar was designed to provide Origin Industries with a capable fighter to protect its assets, as well as to sell to interested parties who wished for a high-performance multirole fighter craft that wasn't as space consuming as many contemporary fighter designs.

Key Features

Small size, High maneuverability

Mission Specialization

No specializations


Small egg-like body with rear swept wings that have pods on the end. Wings end past the fuselage. On top of the engine is a retractable boom with connected tail surfaces which add maneuverability and stability in atmosphere.

History and Background

During her travels in her younger years, Aerin Tatst noticed that PA's took prevalence over fighters because they were small, maneuverable, and easy to store, even though fighters were much more powerful and capable of handling heavier weaponry. Deciding to bridge the gap, she designed a small, highly maneuverable star fighter that was capable of carrying both PA and Fighter scale weapons.

Statistics and Performance


  • Class: OI-V1-1A
  • Type: Multi-role Fighter
  • Designers: Aerin Tatst, Origin industries
  • Manufacturer: Origin Industries, Tami
  • Production: mass production
  • Fielded by: Origin industries, Independent, etc.
  • Price: 25,000 KS


Crew: 1. Maximum Capacity: 1, Two can be fit inside, but the ship would be unable to be used to its full potential


  • Length: 4.5 meters (tail retracted) 5.2 meters (tail extended)
  • Width: 4.55 meters unfolded, 1.7 meters folded
  • Height: 2 meters, wings unfolded, 3 meters, wings folded

Propulsion and Range

  • Sublight Engines:.35C forward, .20C omnidirectional
  • Range:.5 AU
  • Lifespan: 10+ years, with proper maintenance.
  • Refit Cycle: once every 6 months

Damage Capacity

Inside the Ship

Pilot's Seat

The Pilot's seat is a reclined, cushioned seat which has a semi-wraparound design that keeps the pilot snugly in place, but allows the pilot's arms and feet to move freely and control the ship. It contains a harness which holds the pilot firmly in place, but comfortably, allowing them to safely control the ship, even in zero-gee.

Control System

The Scimitar is controlled through a Dual-yoke system which allows for the ship's maneuverability to be taken full advantage of. Controls can be tilted forward, backward, and to either side, and diagonally, as well as pressed inward, pulled upward, pushed forward, slid back, and slid diagonally in every direction. Each stick has three weapon selectors, an index-finger trigger, and two thumb buttons, the triggers controlling the heavy lasers, the thumb buttons controlling the mounted weapons. At the Pilot's feet are a set of rudder pedals which help control the ship even further, as well as control the nose wheel for maneuvering on the ground. There is a full volumetric system in the cockpit, allowing for customizable displays and ease of input.

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The hull of the Scimitar star fighter is made from Durandium Alloy, making it lightweight yet durable. The Armor is quite sufficient for anti-powered armor operations, but may be a little weak compared to other fighters.

Auxiliary Systems

  • Landing gear: The Scimitar uses a simple tricycle landing gear to hold itself up while landed. This allows it to be rolled around on a deck, Taxi, and take off and land if the omnidirectional thrusters are damaged. These landing gear fold up into the ship, streamlining its shape for added speed and stability.
  • Running Lights: The running lights are a unique design which is computer controlled, and designed to allow for systems of running lights found in places other than Yamatai. They are computer controlled and each of the four lights is capable of running in red, green, or blue. The Lights can be changed on a whim and used to confuse people, or to simply allow the lights to display properly while the ship is flying backwards.
  • Drop tanks: The Scimitar's hardpoints are capable of mounting drop tanks, which, while decreasing possible armament allows for Aetherless running for extended periods of time. Each light duty hardpoint can hold a drop tank that allows for 15 extra minutes of flight, while each of the medium-duty hardpoints can hold a tank that allows for 45 minutes of flight time. Fully loaded with drop tanks, the ship can hold enough fuel for two hours of flight.
  • Hinged Wings: The Scimitars wings are hinged near the wing root, and swing upward, locking into place. The wings are held in place, in both positions, with hardened Nerimium pins and locks. These can either be activated from the cockpit, or from a handle hidden underneath the engine cowl.

Computers and Electronics

The Scimitar's computing needs are handled by a 'Destiny' AI System “pawn” suite

Emergency Systems

Emergency Eject: There is a handle in the cockpit which, when pulled, blasts off the canopy and shoots the pilot's chair out. If the chair encounters atmosphere, it ejects a parachute to slow the pilot's landing, and, upon detecting a certain distance from the ground, ignites small rockets to slow the seat even further. In space, the chair may be controlled like a mobile backpack at very low speeds for about 20 minutes.

Life Support Systems

A Highly efficient Air scrubber cleans the air of the cabin, and maintains pressure at all times. This Air scrubber allows for up to three days of continuous recycling.


Inline Aether to Plasma Drive: Main propulsion and power generation is supported by the IAPD. This IAPD's bypass system is capable of holding up to ten minutes' worth of fuel, to be used for either silent running, or during Aether cancellation, as well as to be used to start the Aether generator during initial startup.

Omni-Directional Vectored Thrusting Ports are located on every surface of the ship. Connected to the main STL power plant, they allow the ship to travel up to .20c in any direction without changing the ship's heading; they are capable of halting the ship's forward movement and propelling it backwards within 1/100th of a second. These same thruster ports are capable of flipping the ship end-for-end in the same time span, as well as spinning, rolling, and otherwise controlling the ship. Generally, however, the thrusters do not use the amount of power required for such maneuvers.

Alternate power: Some versions of the Scimitar forego the Aether power generation method in favor of a fuel tank. It uses the same high energy fuel as is created by the IAPD, which can be made using any matter converter, or bought in bulk from Origin Industries. The tank gives the Scimitar a 40 minute flight time under normal conditions, or a 25 minute flight time under combat conditions.

Shield Systems

For maximum defense, the Scimitar runs three kinds of shielding. Each shield is generated from its own pod on either side of the ship, aside from the navigational shielding, which is contained in the nose of the ship. The two shield systems in the pods work in tandem, allowing the ship to survive many types of weapons.

Port shield generator

Electromagnetic shields Are housed in the Port shielding pod. The shield creates a bubble which encompasses the entire ship.

Starboard shield generator

Gravitic shielding is used on the starboard side. This generator pod creates a shield bubble that encompasses the entire ship.


The nose of the Scimitar generates simple Navigational shielding, which allows the ship to run with a smaller sensor signature. This shielding system, however, does not help much against weapons.

Weapons Systems


OOC Notes

Created by Kai. Approval Thread.

Updated for Damage Rating (Version 3) by Yuuki on 2020 March 23. Approval Thread.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriessmall craft
Product NameScimitar Starfighter
ManufacturerOrigin Industries
Year ReleasedYE 29
Price (KS)25 ,000.00 KS
Mass (kg)15,000 kg

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