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Sunavi Corporation

Established in YE 42 with Igia Sakkarah as its CEO, Sunavi has a focus in these times of war. Miss Sakkarah concluded that the logistics of goods and minerals were reduced in the sector due to fear of possible raids by the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia. This has had a severe impact on the economical status of various empires, kingdoms, and factions.

Miss Sakkarah has given Sunavi Corporation two goals, first to re-establish the transport lines in the market of goods and minerals and, as a secondary goal in the longer term, the transport of people towards their desired destination.

Despite its various divisions, Sunavi Corporation refers to itself as “Sunavi” only.

Company Statistics
Established YE 42
CEO Igia Sakkarah
Associated Factions Independent, Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, New Dusk Conclave
Headquarters Pilgrim Station north of System 87C
Product Symbol SN
Slogans “Day or night, we are ready.”
“Travel With Us”
Mission “Providing excellent service by giving the greatest and safest transportation”

About Sunavi Corporation

Founded in YE 42 by Igia Sakkarah after the events of the first dig at Hanya on Planet Nepleslia that gained her wealthy profits.

Miss Sakkarah noticed a certain lack of transportation possibilities within the Kikyo Sector. Friction between factions that made issues at borders for unknown reasons. When the Kuvexian War began the economical status of various factions, kingdoms, and even empires were hit and companies were afraid to transport their goods, their minerals, and people.

This gave Miss Sakkarah the motivation and reason to restore this service back to the people and the companies. She decided to spend her newfound wealth creating a company that she could use to fight the war on the economical grounds and help as much as possible, even if she was just a small rock in a pond full of them.

She used her contacts to reach out to both New Dusk Conclave and Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia to fund her daring project. She made agreements with both parties after hours, if not days, of negotiations. The result was that the Sunavi Corporation was born.

Sunavi Corporation's first move was to contact Noval Heavy Industries to gain a deal that would play out in assistance in the construction of their HQ in the north of System 87C. The second deal was the order of transportation NH-Y-1 Mola-class Exploration Vessel vessels that would provide transportation between their HQ and various clients.

Contracts with Sunavi Corporation

Below you will find various contracts that are made between either factions, empires, kingdoms or just companies with Sunavi Corporation. These contracts are agreed upon and stay in effect until one of the parties pulls out of the contract.


Sunavi Culture is primarily focused on the deliverance of goods in excellent condition.

Divisions are represented by their clothing, which is finely made to focus on elegance and gives excellent protection. The Navi Division, in particular, is equipped with engineering clothing to deal with any kind of situation in space, while transporting their goods.

A Sunavi employee is required to do an introductory training for their division and, when completed, the employee will then do regular on-the-job training to keep up to date with regulations and new technology that Sunavi might incorporate into their services.

Every employee will receive a background check and be assigned towards a certain ship line that won't cause any problem. For example, if an employee has a record in the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia then s/he won't be placed in any lines that would go into Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia space. To uphold this security, Sunavi has placed an agreement with the faction that any employee background is to be checked by their respective database. While the employee waits for assignment, s/he will begin training.

Employee contract

A Sunavi employee is someone that is quite valuable to Sunavi Corporation. Therefore, the Sunavi Corporation does everything within a reasonable view to reflect that in its employee contract. From a good pay scale system to health insurance, an employee can rely on Sunavi when things go south. An example of the said contract can be found below.


Sunavi Corporation is a collection of two divisions that work together to achieve excellent service. Even though the two divisions have different names, their service and products to the public are Sunavi.

The Navi Division is the dominant branch of the Sunavi Corporation. Their primary focus is to transport materials such as luxury goods, tools, minerals and any other kind of supplies towards their destination. They use the NH-Y-1 Mola-class Exploration Vessel vessels from Noval Heavy Industries and Seiza-Class Cargo Hauler (1B) and Shuryoku-Class Super Freighter from Yugumo Corporation, yet are colored with the company colors yellow and blue. The personnel of these ships wear the Navi Division uniform with the Sunavi logo on their left chest and cap.

With Quality of Service as Navi's main drive, the intake of goods must be handled with great care and is, therefore, mostly automated. The goods are checked for any deviations from the general order list and are placed into a container once no issues have been found. This container is later attached to a Sunavi ship. After attachment and confirming that everything is ready to go, the Sunavi ship receives the navigational route towards the client's designated world.

Sunavi Corporation will then deliver the goods within the time-frame of the agreed-upon contract.

Sun Division

Sun Division is a division that is focused on cruise lines throughout the Kikyo Sector. Its primary goal is to transport people from one location to another while enjoying the ride, with entertainment, food, and a good night's rest if required. Sun Division, therefore, focuses on the services that it will provide to its clients, such as economy class, first-class, and grand class. Sun Division has five Starchaser III-Class Ferry from Yugumo Corporation that got reconfigure for this precise goal.

Fundament Department

The Fundament Department handles the corporation's finance, human resources, public relations, and credit operations. They are considered the backbone of the corporation as they will be the face on various front lines towards the public and deal with internal conflicts.

S.E.A.R.C.H Initiative

The Salvage, Exploration, Archaeological Research in Critical Hazard operations initiative, or S.E.A.R.C.H for short, is a group of archaeological people that go into the most dangerous situations to get their treasures. These treasures can be found in ruins that have dangerous traps, hidden features, or are protected by some kind of native tribe.

S.E.A.R.C.H is led by the CEO herself and the findings of archaeological findings are returned towards the respective faction, empire, kingdom or organization.

The contracts are set between the S.E.A.R.C.H department and the contractor.


After the completion of Pilgrim Station, the station began slowly to flourish with Noval Heavy Industries, Black Wing Enterprises and Mining Guild setting up their branch offices on it. Various smaller companies and shops were attracted to the station due to the great location, services of Sunavi in regards to transportation, the offer for work, and gaining housing within the station's living areas.


Sunavi Corporation is still young among the companies out there, but it has set a branch office on Noval Station, Sirris VI, and Planet Nepleslia for better services towards their clients. It hopes to expand its influence towards different regions, eventually.

Currently, they operate from their HQ at Pilgrim Station which focuses on the process of getting the supplies checked and shipped towards their clients.


The primary focus of Sunavi, as mentioned earlier, is service for its clients. Sunavi Corporation will do its best to guide the requested goods towards their destination as quickly, and as safely, as possible. There are various contracts that the client can purchase to use Sunavi transportation lines in order to transport their supplies.

The packages are named after star classifications as the Fundament Department believes to stay true towards Sunavi name. These contracts are dealt by the Navi Division that focuses on the transportation of goods.

Number Name of Package Service Additional Details
1 Red Dwarf Transportation of personal packages from person to person. This service is popular with our clients as they can reach out with various people throughout the Kikyo Sector Do note that your package will be checked by our scanners and will be returned if it contains forbidden items for the designated area
2 Yellow Dwarf Transportation of supplies or goods from companies to their clients. This service is used mostly by companies that wish to use our cheap transportation service for small goods transport. When the order list exceeds the limit of 30 boxes of supplies/goods or exceeds the transportation weight of 7.500 kilograms it will be changed to the Red Giant package, the contractor will be informed of this action.
3 Red Giant The red giant service is for medium to large transportation. These count for the supplies and goods that have more 30 boxes or/and exceed a weight over 7.500 kilograms. These packages are mostly used by medium to large companies and are shipped out within a week of deliverance.
4 Blue Giant Blue Giant packages are mostly used by Mining Corporations that require specific containers for the transportation of their minerals. These containers are checked, cleaned, and if required, updated for the content of what is being transported. Your minerals are safe with Sunavi!
5 Super Giant This package is only for companies or factions that require a certain object to be transported that requires a ship on design. For example, a part of a starbase requires to be transported, Sunavi will transport that part towards its destination.

The following services are under the responsibility of the Sun Division that focuses on cruise lines and transportation of people.

Number Name of Package Service Additional Details
1 Grand Class The size of the room 40 m² with 1x queen-size bed, your room has panorama windows, additional living- and dining room, a bathroom with a shower, bathtub, and jacuzzi and got access to your personal communication device, temperature control, television that got access to additional broadcast services (with some channels on pay service), small drink fridge, small vault. You gain access to butler-service and concierge-service. Price is depended on the cruise line, but the starting price is at DA 7500
2 First Class The size of the room 25 m² with 1x two-person bed, your room has a panorama window, you have access to a bathroom with a shower and got access to your personal communication device, temperature control, television that got access to additional broadcast services (with some channels on pay service), small drink fridge, small vault. There are rooms available with a bathtub. Price is depended on the cruise line, but the starting price is at DA 3000
3 Economy Class The size of the room 15 m² with 2x one-person bed, you get access to a bathroom with a shower and got access to your personal communication device, temperature control, television that got access to additional broadcast services (with some channels on pay service), small drink fridge, small vault. The room got one large window that views space itself. Price is depended on the cruise line, but the starting price is at DA 1500

Note: If you are a citizen of a different empire or faction that uses a different currency then the price will adapt to that system. This is due to taxes that the Sun Division has to pay. So for example the prices are aimed at the Nepleslian DA, but if you use KS currency then the same price is applied.

Management Details

Below is the history of significant or noteworthy purchases, communications, plans, or fleets.

Fleet Operational Index

The following ships are known to be under the licenses of Sunavi Corporation. Below you will find the layout of the so-called Fleet Operational Index. They use the ship prefix SCS 1) and STS 2).

Convoy/Fleet Trade Route Units Active/Not Active Additional Details Construction Timer in Real Life
First Convoy Black Passage 10x Mola-Class, 3x Seiza-Class Cargo Hauler (1B), 4x Shuryoku-Class Super Freighter Active The First Convoy is on full capicity Operational
Second Convoy Himeko Bridge 35x Mola-Class, 4x Seiza-Class Cargo Hauler (1B), 3x Shuryoku-Class Super Freighter Active The Second Convoy is on full capicity Operational
First Fleet Outher Way 5x Mola-Class Active Full capacity Operational
Cruise Fleet Blue Lagoon 5x Starchaser III-Class Ferry Active Full capacity Operational
Home Front Blue Lagoon 1x Deep Space station, 1x Shipyard Active Fully Operational Operational

Official Communication Logs

Pending Orders

Order Requested By Amount Additional Details

Completed Orders

Order Requested By Amount Additional Details

Trade Routes

  • Black Passage: The Black Passage route is one of the routes that have risks to it, due to the failed communication and closed attitude of the Yamatai Star Empire, Sunavi Corporation is forced to take this route to supply both Nepleslia Prime (DIoN) and Sanctum (NDC). The risk of this route is the distance between Gryzchiki and Sanctum being in unclaimed open space.
  • Himeko Bridge: The Himeko Bridge route is the main connection line between Nepleslia Colonial Expanse and Old Nepleslia space, Sunavi Corporation operates on this route mostly for their client the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.
    • Nepleslia System > Kennewes System> Veritas System > Nepleslia Prime
    • Hope System > Majestic System > Veritas System> Kennewes System > Nepleslia System
    • Abjection System> Fortuna System > Hope System > Majestic System > Veritas System> Kennewes System > Nepleslia System
  • Outer Way: The Outher Way route is not so much a route, but more an operation area that is in construction and constant development. Sunavi Corporation has a branch office at Sirris VI where it gets send towards the locations that the NDC requires supplies at.

Cruise Line

Cruise line path Paradise Star Light that the customer experience a 64-day voyage. Ships assigned to this path are STS Virgo, STS Taurus, and STS Gemini.

Jios System Porpoise Albini Yamatai Star System Koukotsu System Jiyuu System
Launch location, passing Nebula for sightseeing. Arriving at Porpoise for a 15-day relaxation Arriving at Albini for a 10-day diving experience Arriving at Yamatai for a 12-day tourism tour Arriving at Koukotsu for a 12-day relaxation Arriving at Jiyuu for 15-day tourism and relaxation

Cruise line path Lunar Eclipse that the customer experience a 28-day voyage. Ships assigned to this path are STS Aquarius and STS Hydra.

Jios System Porpoise Koukotsu System Jiyuu System
Launch location, passing Nebula for sightseeing. Arriving at Porpoise for an 8-day relaxation Arriving at Koukotsu for a 8-day relaxation Arriving at Jiyuu for 12-day tourism and relaxation

RP opportunities

These are the top five reasons why you should RP with Sunavi Corporation.

  • To be able to transport your cargo of any size to anywhere in the Kikyo Sector.
  • To enjoy a cruise line that shows the beauty of the Kikyo Sector.
  • To start-up or settle down a business at one of Sunavi owned locations.
  • To receive a license to mine at one of Sunavi's owned asteroid locations.
  • To RP at Pilgrim Station as a regular visitor or be able to conduct business.

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