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Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha

Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha (MHK) was a Corporation, in the Yamatai Star Empire which was owned and operated by the Motoyoshi Clan. It was founded in YE 34, and was reunified with Motoyoshi Fleet Yards and Peacekeeper Heavy Industries in YE 41. In YE 41 it was absorbed into Yugumo Corporation.

About Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha

Established as the successor of Motoyoshi Fleet Yards in YE 34. Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha was created following a deal which restored the corporation's namesake and rightful ownership, thanks to the generosity of Empress Himiko I and the Tamahagane Clan.

Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha
Parent CorporationTamahagane Corporation
Clan Yamatai no Motoyoshi
Kaicho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
Shacho Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka
Product Symbol Mh
OOC Manager Andrew

The logo is a purple peony; purple being the favorite color of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and the peony, a symbol of prosperity.


Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha claims to be the true Motoyoshi Corporate entity representing unification in the Motoyoshi Clan.

Corporate Structure

Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha titles were based on Japanese Corporate Titles.

MHK Executive Pins
Image shows executive rank pins: (left to right) Kaicho, Shacho, Bucho, Kacho
  • 会長 The Kaicho (Chairman) of the Kaisha is the head of the Motoyoshi Clan; the Kaicho also serves as the official founder of the corporation in official matters. The Kaicho also reports to the Kaisha's parent Corporation, the Tamahagane Corporation under the agreements that established the subsidiary.
  • 社長 The Shacho (President) handles the day to day business of the Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha and acts on behalf of the Kaicho where needed. The Sacho is responsible for all of the Bu (Departments).
  • 隆盛 The Bacho (General Managers) handle the bu (Departments) of the company. The Bacho report to the Sacho.
  • 監事 The Kacho (Section Leaders) lead the Ka (sections) of the Bu (departments).
MHK Employee Rank Pins
Image shows employee rank pins: (left to right) tier one, tier two, tier three
  • Tier One - A new employee with under 1 YE of service.
  • Tier Two - A employee that has been with the company between 1 and 3 YE.
  • Tier Three - A employee who has been with the company 3+ YE.


The history of Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha was rather short but important.


The following companies were acquired and merged into MHK:

Jiyou no Hanei

In YE 34, the impacts of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War on the Yamatai Star Empire were widespread. War had placed stresses on Food and Water supplies throughout the Empire. Precious farmland was decimated during the Battle of Yamatai and recovery efforts although progressing with resolve, did not provide a concrete preservation program that would prevent the shortages from occurring again. The project leader was JiNobuo Saori. The project was repositioned under Juugoya Cooperative in YE 41.

In an effort to assist with recovery efforts and to protect the future of the Empire's food and water supplies Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha initiated a project called Jiyou no Hanei (Nourishment of Prosperity).

Project Goals

  • To produce products that provide improvement to the Empire's food and water supply infrastructure.
  • To produce products that provide new emergency food and water supplies that are protected and easily tapped when supply lines are compromised.
  • To produce products that assist the Star Army of Yamatai in providing soldiers with reliable food and water supplies while deployed.
  • Increase localized self-efficiency in regions where food and water are scarce.

Facilities Operated

These facilities were operated by MHK:

The Uniforms

The uniforms that were designed for this corporation:

OOC Notes

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