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Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia

Flag of the DIoN

(For the Nepleslian military, see Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia)
(For information about Nepleslia's culture, see Nepleslian Culture)
(For a list of Nepleslian technologies, see The Nepleslian Technology Encyclopedia)
(For a list of Nepleslian Planets, see The Nepleslian Planet Encyclopedia)

Anthem of the Imperium

In Roleplay

The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia stands for both the government and the civilization of Nepleslia in general. Originally known as the Greens, the Greens eventually, through years of constant conflict with the other party organizations on Planet Nepleslia, gained dominance and established a strong government to lead the general populace through the difficult times looming overhead.

Creating a Nepleslian or ID-SOL

Great Things About Nepleslia

Here's what members have to say about Nepleslia:

  • “I like the setting above all else here. We have some fantastic minds and players, and lots of ideas and setting elements. I like how we don't have to have the top technology points that other nations throw around to maintain our standing. I like our technology in general; the blocky ships, more familiar weapon systems and general aesthetic hit a lot closer to home in my Scifi department.”
    I also like how our culture isn't perfect. We have crime, some poverty, a thriving black market (that I'm currently working to flesh out), and plenty of unique setting elements to present our characters. I really appreciate how Tom, Wes and the others whom first pioneered Nepleslia have left us such a nice bag of toys to play with.
  • “It was a long time in coming, but I joined your ranks, and by god I'm loving every minute of it!”
  • “What can I say? I've never seen anything terribly horrible about Nepleslia. The cursing and badass behavior reminds me so much of my hometown the resemblance is almost uncanny. Your mecha and starships have served my characters well.”
  • “Your GMs never cease to amaze me, your plots are fun. I only wish your I had more time and I would join one.”
  • “It really has been quite a while since I actually got into you, but the gritty realistic future feeling is so refreshing in this setting.”
  • “Badassery Ahoy! You guys always continue to push the boundaries with awesomery and big weapons unparalleled! Rock on Moon, Koku, Roscoe, Sub and whoever else is involved!”
  • “Military Sci-fi oh how I love thee. This is where you get your jackboots on, and pretend to be a Starship Trooper”


The Nepleslian culture is very diverse.

See the Nepleslian Culture Guide for more detailed information about Nepleslia's culture.



Senate Bills

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