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Creed of the Empire

In accordance with the establishment of the Empire of Nepleslia, the new government recognizes the need to establish the core principles that will guide the citizenry.

The Nepleslian Pledge:

I pledge allegiance to the Nepleslian Empire, founded in YE 28 by the people, for the people and bound by a unity of ideals--forged in belief and strengthened in blood.

I honor the men and women who fought and died for our independence, those whose memory shall never vanish.

I pledge to support the Empire, to obey its laws, to respect its symbols and to defend it to the last breath against all enemies.

We of Nepleslia believe:

That all citizens have inalienable rights to their own lives, their own defense, their own thoughts and opinions and their own religious expression.

That all citizens have the right to pursue a life they see fit, free of fear, hunger and despair.

That a citizens’ possessions and property are his own, unless he should trade or sell it.

That all citizens are equal and have the same rights and privileges in the eyes of the government.

That all relations between citizens should be carried in good faith and promote unity.

That all citizens are accountable for their actions should they violate laws or bring harm to one another.

That all citizens should work together to promote the greater good of the Empire.

That the government, in its actions, represents the best interests of the people.

This we do believe in the year of independence YE 28.
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Brothers and Sisters of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, welcome to the Nepleslian Discussion Thread. Upon enlightenment from Fian, our OG Engineer; I have decided it not just necessary, but critical for the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia to have a faction-wide OOC board.

I'm going to make this one thing clear:

This thread is for everyone in relation to Nepleslia.

Here we discuss, with our brother and sister members, all that is Nepleslian.

Plot-related discussion goes into the respective plot's OOC thread.

*Hands the microphone over to Fian*


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Only one rule here,

Nobody mentions Lemon Flavoured Lolipops.

You know you want to.

New guys, how are you holding up?

Cy83r K0rp53

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having fun with the OOC RP, dreading scheduling curveballs, you'd be suprised how many kinks can be thrown into your day when you have nothing to do.


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...Google advertising is advertising gay military dating for men at the bottom of the page.

Methinks Google's already got a lock on Lemon Flavoured Lollipops, Fian...


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Ooowah, this week is going to be a busy one for me. Two assignments, one test, and two trays of brownies. I've got about eight bottles of lemonade and an unlimited amount of coffee to see me through the day. What else do you guys eat/drink while burning the midnight oil?

Also, I found an image which is relevant to how we get into most of our Nep armors.



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Hmm, speaking about today, back when I was in secondary school (Thats like 6th grade onwards for you Americans), whenever someone had his birthday the whole class (Other classes too if that person is particularly famous or infamous) would round him up, sing the birthday song and at the end of it, give him a good smacking.


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In my Boy Scout troop, we changed the name from "Happy birthday" to "Public embarrassment" And proceeded to attempt to embarrass a person as much as possible on their birthday. Eventually, the little punks got wise and now try and hide/avoid people around their birthdays.


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Thought it was appropriate to quote this from earlier in the thread:
Fian said:
Only one rule here,

Nobody mentions Lemon Flavoured Lolipops.

You know you want to.

New guys, how are you holding up?


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Just to make sure, so it dosen't lead to any confusion. We're about to go to war aren't we?

Is a dumb question I know, but this one is even worse.

And who's side we going to be on?