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Game Master The Extended Rack System rework. Yes it only adds two cells over the Rapid Launcher, but it adds up when you have multiple of them. New Sniper/Marksman rifle to replace the Scout Cannon. New Kegbuster Replacement AND unarmored infantry crewserved weapon AND vehicle weapon. Bigger, mid grade UMD rounds, to accompany to Battle Hammer... and a future Dual Purpose gun I'll make for Nepleslian ship purposes. Oh and we have a squad automatic weapon and vehicle mounted machinegun.


Submissions Reviewer
Game Master As said before, I was making a replacement for the Multiphase Cannon. The Perun is not it. That replacement is the Svarog.

The Perun is my suggestion for a new heavy capital ship armament, to compliment the Curbstomper and any plasma weapons available. Yes, it is essentially a giant, 16-inch railgun. Yes, I felt that a Big Fucking Gun was fitting for Nepleslia.

I also come with a proposed "Primary" Armament for a Primus replacement, and an Orca replacement. Multiple, actually.

  • Primus Proposed Armamanets
    • A Configuration: 12 Perun Railcannons in Four 3-gun Turrets, Curbstomper System with 6 Tubes​
    • B Configuration: 24 Peruns in Four 6-Gun Turrets, Curbstomper System with 4 Tubes​
    • C Configuration(The Sane One): 9 Peruns in three 3-Gun Turrets, Curbstomper System with 8 Tubes, Give it aviation facilities.​
    • D Configuration(Krazy Kuznyetski): 4 Peruns in two 2-Gun Turrets. So Man Curbstomper Tubes, like, 24+.​
  • Orca Proposals
  • A Configuration(SPACE RICHELIEU): 8 Peruns in two Forward 4-Gun Turrets, Large Curbstomper System, Aviation Facilities in the rear.
  • B Configuration: 8 Peruns in two 3-Gun and 1 2 Gun Turrets, Medium Curbstomper System with Aviation Facilities.
  • C Configuration(Mini Primus): 24 Svarogs in Four 6-Gun Turrets or Six 4-Gun Turrets, Curbstomper System, No aviation facilities.

Also, we needed a replacement for the Brainspammer. This is it.
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