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Elysian Gender and Sexuality


Elysians have a rather complex belief system on the role of genders. For example they believe that male and female Elysians are equal and deserve all of the same rights. Legally speaking there is nothing which differentiates between men and women apart from a few niceties over pregnancy and maternity leave – although even this is rather limited.

In regards to other species, Elysian thought is more divided. While the same general beliefs hold on average, their long standing interactions with Yamatai have given them an odd perspective when it comes to Nekovalkyrja. They rather pity the people they deem barely more than children, and consider the Nekovalkyja in general to be lesser than most anyone else, because of their mass-produced nature. This same feeling extends to the rest of the Yamataian population to some extent, because of their not just toleration, but acceptance of the Nekovalkyrja.

On the topic of gender however it is seen as disgraceful for a man to act in a particularly feminine fashion, or for a woman to act like a man. Women can be strong and decisive, indeed can rise to the top of the military system, but must not seem as if they are actually trying to be men. Transvestism is detested while transgenderism is cured with a body swap.


In Elysian society homosexuality is seen very nearly on the same footing as heterosexuality. The only advantage heterosexuality has in the eyes of Elysians is that it can produce young. There is no shame inherent in being gay or lesbian. However there is a certain amount of shame in being the submissive half of a male homosexual relationship.

Sexually Elysians are rather liberal. They accept most things, although bondage is occasionally frowned upon as being overly submissive. Some practices which are particularly repulsive are not outwardly condemned, on the understanding that it will be limited to a private place, and not be flaunted overly much. There is a strong trend towards the belief that once you are married, all other dalliances should be ended, but in the last few years, there has been a slight trend towards the idea of polygamy starting up, which muddles the situation a bit for everybody. This said, most Elysians consider non-Elysians to be outside of that general train of thought, as having relations with a lesser species puts no shame on your partner.

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