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HS-SS1-E739/00 Anoka Udano (Gravity Shield)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

The Poku Saeruo Degonjo use Anoka Udana Shield of Gravity to protect their ships during passage through movidoanoi space tunnels (wormholes) using their Tinvyma Movidoanor (Tunnel Drive)s. The Gravity Shield is a technology the clan had prior to the Norka (The Exodus).


Class: Defense Nomenclature: HS-SS1-E739/00 Type: Shield Designers: Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) Manufacturer: Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) on Poku Movi Vamâqi (Clan Void Berth)


The Gravity Shield uses a separate set of Heim Force Generator and creates a pocket of controlled gravity. The generators are positioned at various points around the ship and emitters are placed on the exterior hull. Inside the shield the gravity is kept at a constant level, while outside of it is anti-gravity. This also makes the shield effective at protecting the ship during high speed STL travel from dust and debris. The outer edge is a negative gravity field so the debris is deflected away from the ship as is passes. Strength of the shield depends on the size of the ship.

A vessel can expand the size of the shielded area to cover ships that do not have them. However, the field strength diminishes by the inverse square rule. eg: Doubling the size results in a strength reduction of 1/4.

Defense Value

This value is only for use determining protection against the Udano Rotyka Sakopa (Gravitic Shock Cannon)

Ship Class SDR
Small Escorts 2
Destroyers 2
Cruisers 3
Carriers, Heavy Cruisers 4
Battleships 4

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba and approved by Wes on Mar 14, 2010 1)

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