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Iromakuanhe Laser Technology

The favored directed energy weapon among the Iromakuanhe, lasers work by projecting a highly potent coherent beam of electromagnetic radiation to inflict damage by heat transference. Lasers melt or evaporate most conventional materials with higher yield setups, weaken high-precision materials and can crack or shatter via rapid superheating/supercooling. Via the use of technologies such as the MASC Drive or gravitons, the Iromakuanhe enhance their lasers for improved power and functionality.

Laser weapons have a muzzle velocity at the speed of light, or 1c. Because of the high speed nature of battles and the ease of evasion with modern propulsion systems, the ranges are typically marked off at one light second, or around 300 000 KM.

When fired, the beam is largely invisible, save in conditions with high amounts of particles present, such as nebulae, gas clouds and atmospheric conditions.

Weapons include:

CEHB (Compression-Enhanced Heavy Beam) Laser CELB (Compression-Enhanced Light Beam) Laser HEMB (Heavy Enhanced Multi-Beam) Laser LEMB (Light Enhanced Multi-Beam) Laser

OOC Notes

Authored Exhack and approved by Andrew on February 17, 20081)

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