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Listening Device

The Solan Starworks Listening Device is a system employed to passively intercept and sample data being transmitted through unsecured methods. It is also a critical component in many important electronic warfare devices, and allows Astral Vanguard starships and vehicles to track the communications of hostile forces. As the unit approaches the source of the transmissions, it becomes increasingly easier to track, until a positive match can be made at a certain threshold.

Medium Maximum Interception/Detection Range Tracking Range
Radio 1 200 000 KM 30 000 KM
Microwave 600 000 KM 15 000 KM
Subspace 15 000 KM of Receiver or Sender 5000 KM

Communications that can be intercepted include:

OOC Notes

Authored by Exhack and approved by Wes on May 15, 20081)

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