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Lo-moto Motor Bike

Due to the expanse of the Lorath civilization upon the planet Lor, personal ground vehicles were deemed a practical invention. Additionally the vehicles were produced in limited numbers to prevent the population from becoming “lazy” and “dependent” on the vehicles.

The “Lo-Moto” is intended to be a mainstream (To cater to regular individuals and not eccentric collectors or specialists.) vehicle, intended to allow for transportation of individuals. These vehicles were also designed for distance travel across various terrains. The “001” designation for the “Lo-Moto” is only related to the operating components of the vehicle. The “Lo-Moto” is externally customizable thus allowing for the appearance of the vehicle to be customized for the operator.

The “Lo-Moto” is produced by the same corporation that produces the “Lo-Car” the “Moto” in the title is to designate the difference between a conventional motor vehicle and the motorbike type configuration.

Dimensions and Crew Compliment

Type: Motor Bike Engine: Internal Combustion (Non-Modified) Model: 001MB Designer: Lorath Automotive, Velor Tomoe Tur’Lista Manufacturer: Lorath Automotive Production: Supplied upon order.

Crew: 1. Maximum Occupants: 2.

Appearance & Interior

The appearance of the “Lo-Moto” is similar to that of a conventional touring motorbike. The “Lo-Moto” has two wheels, placed in the forward and rear sections. The forward wheel is placed significantly ahead of the main body of the “Lo-Moto”. The body of the “Lo-Moto” is made up of the engine, gas tank, seat, and luggage bag. The “Lo-Moto” is controlled by a pair of handle bars that also have the throttle, clutch, and brake system controls built in. Suspended between the handle bars is a windshield that is approximately one and a half feet in length. The exhaust system of the bike extends from the front of the body to the rear beyond the rear wheel.

Length: 100-150 Inches depending on order. Width: 15-25 inches depending on order. Height: Seat Height; 25-40 Inches. Vehicle Height; 35-55 Inches Depending On Order. Mass: 820 - 1000 lbs

Performance Statistics

Top Speed: 190 MPH Acceleration (0-60mph): 5 Seconds

Range (Distance): 450-600 Miles Lifespan: If the vehicle is treated poorly, it would last approximately 10 years, if treated well, the vehicle would last 100+ years.

Vehicle Systems

V6 Internal Combustion Engine (Standard): The standard “Lo-Moto” uses a six cylinder internal combustion engine to provide drive power to the vehicle. The engine on the “Lo-Moto” can be upgraded to a V8, V10, or V12 upon request. Additionally, the engine can be downgraded upon request to a V4, or a V2. The engines for the “Lo-Moto” are made from various high strength materials. The metals that can be requested for the construction of the engine include aviation grade aluminum, titanium alloy, tungsten, and ultra high density carbon material. The standard engine is constructed from a solid aluminum block that is cut and shaped through the use of laser technology. The internal moving parts and components are constructed from tungsten and titanium.

Body: The body and gas tank of the “Lo-Moto” is constructed from a stonethread fiber and solid metal combination, thus allowing the body of vehicle to endure a direct strike from materials traveling at high velocities.

The body structure of the “Lo-Moto” is constructed from a titanium alloy material with a weave of stonethread through the metal to ensure that stress fractures do not occur. Additionally, a mesh of stonethread is placed over the metal and beneath the primer and paint of the bike.

Tires: The two tires on the “Lo-Moto” are re-enforced by an inlay of stonethread to provide additional structural integrity to the tires.

Heads Up Display (HUD): The “Lo-Moto” is equipped with a small windshield that has an inlay of LED materials that allow the windshield to serve as a HUD. The HUD displays the speed of the vehicle, engine temperature, remaining fuel, GPS display, forward angled night vision, weather broadcasts, ambient temperature, mechanical error messages, and communications display.

Onboard Computer: The onboard computer of the “Lo-Moto” is tied into sensors onboard the vehicle that is used to monitor mechanical performance, air temperature, and other electronic dependant features. Additional features can be installed upon user’s request.

Wheel Mounted Flywheel: The “Lo-Moto” uses a flywheel system to deliver additional electrical power to the onboard battery that provides ignition power and power to the electronic systems onboard the vehicle. The flywheel is attached to the rear wheel of the vehicle.

Onboard Radio: The “Lo-Moto” comes with an onboard radio system used for receiving radio transmissions and sending long distance transmissions to allow for the vehicle user to radio for assistance if stranded or other events arise. The radio system also allows for short range communications between individuals within a twenty mile area. An additional feature of the radio system that can be ordered by the user is a link to the Lorath communications network to allow for person to person calls from the vehicle.

Cargo Pack: A cargo container can be attached to the rear section of the “Lo-Moto” to allow for carrying of helmets, clothing, and other small items.

Leather Seats: The seats aboard the “Lo-Moto” are made from high quality leather and are stuffed with the finest natural cotton fibers that are treated in a chemical bath to allow for additional endurance and lifespan.

Scabbards: Mounted on the sides of the “Lo-Moto” are a pair of scabbards to be used for containing items with a long shape, this includes crowbars, swords, rifles, umbrellas, and various other items.

Solid Material Details: The body structure of the “Lo-Moto” is constructed from a titanium alloy material with a weave of stonethread through the metal to ensure that stress fractures do not occur. Additionally, a mesh of stonethread is placed over the metal and beneath the primer and paint of the bike.

Soft Material Details: The tires, plastic materials, leather materials, and other soft or flexible parts on the bike have a thin weave of stonethread fibers through their interior to prevent shatters, breaks, or cracks in the material.

Forward Mounted Sensors: The forward mounted sensor package is mounted inside of the forward headlight structure. The forward headlight delivers focused light towards the ground and 90 degree forward angle from the “Lo-Moto”. Light is delivered by an LED that delivers nearly pure white light with minimal power consumption and with a long bulb operating life. Along with the LED, there is an IR emitter to provide IR light to be received by an IR sensor mounted just below the headlight. This IR sensor is connected to the on board computer that provides a night vision image to the HUD of the “Lo-Moto”.

General Sensor and Communication: The “Lo-Moto” carries an additional sensor package mounted on the rear of the bike. The small (softball sized) white translucent dome contains a thermometer like device that is used to gather ambient temperature information, a GPS receiver and transmitter, a radio receiver, and the unit contains a red LED that serves as a tail light.

OOC Notes

Written by DocTomoe. Approved on April 18, 2006 by Fred1)

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