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NDC Character Creation Guide

Below is all the needed information for making a NDC character.

Creating A NDC Character

Welcome to the New Dusk Conclave, the land of new beginnings and the road less traveled. The nation is still rather young, only having been formed in late YE 40, when they settled Sirris VI in the Sanctum star system with nothing more than a fleet. Aboard were the scientists, soldiers, their families, and any refugees that hitched a ride. The trip was neither pleasant or safe, even being attacked upon arrival to the system. Since then, Obsidian City, the established capital of the young nation has become a home to a thriving diverse culture, the study of science, and the harmonious mingling of races from across the Kikyo Sector. This page will provide all the relevant information for creating a character for this faction, so let's get started on your new beginning shall we.

Species Options

list of possible species to play in the faction

  • Human - As suggested, just your average human, nothing fancy.
  • Anthro - Who doesn't love humanoid animal people.
  • Elysian - Angelic humanoids with wings who are genetically perfect.
  • Human - Yamatai's next evolutionary step from base human.
  • Minkan - Very human-like synthetic bodies with added features.
  • Gunja - The humanoid tribal and low tech natives to Sirris VI with goat-like qualities.
  • Lorath - Humanoid race with small wings and abilities who once were forced to live underground.
  • Nekovalkyrja - Yamatai's signature super soldier cat girls. NOTE: they must be civilian models unless AWOL.
  • Nepleslian - Humans, but mostly cloned, augmented, or mutated. All around beefy boys.
  • Separa'Shan - A race of half humanoid snake-like people.
  • Tsumi - Tall, muscled, horned, four arms, and a religious love of war.
  • Synthetics - Gynoids, AI1), androids, synthetic people, machines2), and SIs3).
  • Abwehran - four-armed race of very paled colored humanoids.
  • Freespacers - A mix of organic and mechanical lifeforms in various stages of conversion to machina like beings.
  • Senti - Enigmatic nomads that don't do well in cold, but are a sturdy, reliable, and industrious people.


Past Experience Options

Any background is appreciated, with a great need for soldiers, scientists, and others with training in valuable skills. However, as stated, due to the wide range of character types available to choose from, there is no requirements for certain past experiences at this time.

Starting Skills

Given the wide range of occupations and archetypes available to play in the New Dusk Conclave. There are no set of required skills, and should be chosen based on background and occupation of the character. So choice is entirely up to the player on this one.

Backstory Material

For the most part, any basic backstory works due to how young the nation still is. Anything more detailed, or complex, maybe even a bit out there can be worked with the appropriate GM on. We accept all wacky, odd, or outside the norm kinds of character histories. That being said, here is a list of a few ideas for possible backstories that are related to past RP with this group.

  • Was a refugee from the now defunct OSO
  • Older member of the original Section 6, as either a scientist, soldier, or a member of one of the families who made the exodus to Sirris VI.
  • Ex-mercenary, or currently a mercenary, we get quite a few of those.
  • Maybe some sort of experiment character who was the byproduct of a project
  • refugee from Essia System, seeking refuge from the occupation of Essia

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