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National Police Force of Nepleslia

Founded in YE 29 during the independence of Nepleslia, the National Police Force of Nepleslia is a government organization tasked with the preservation and enforcement of all civil laws as well as the auxiliary defense of Nepleslia against enemies both foreign and domestic.

The original cadre of officers were those who had been working in that role prior to independence. They were absorbed into the newly formed NPF. As more and more recruits joined their ranks, these veterans started gaining more authority to allow the newer men to fill the bottom and work their way up. By YE 35, most of these old timers were still around and serving as NCOs and officers in the Force.

To curb gang violence in the urban areas of the Imperium, urban precinct houses are built, equipped and stocked like miniature fortresses. Urban police units are often equipped with paramilitary weapons and technology. While most Nepleslian cars are armored to a degree, the typical police cruisers are simply armored cars or vehicles.

Authority and Powers

The NPF's authority stretches the entirety of the Imperium and its territories. An officer who is outside of his or her precinct must, however, acquiesce to the requirements of the local branch. Nonetheless, all officers have the power:

  • To arrest suspected criminals, regardless of nationality or diplomatic status.
  • To fire when fired upon, allowed to escalate contact
  • To enforce law and order through violence when necessary
  • To conduct searches on private property without a warrant if they have justifiable grounds; this is subject to review by a board of higher officers.
  • To bring suspects in for questioning for a maximum of 72 hours
  • To conduct basic interrogation of suspects without lawyers present
  • To exercise the aforementioned authority as officers whether on or off duty as long as within area of jurisdiction

Despite their paramilitary status, the NPF remains a civil organization that is subordinate to the Nepleslian judicial system. They do not make the laws, only enforce it.


Motto: To Uphold and Enforce

The NPF is a paramilitary organization that is organized similarly to the military's system but remains different due to its civilian status. The basic unit of the NPF is the police squad, consisting of 5-8 officers. These officers work and operate together in the same shift as a unit, supporting each other. Squads will be divided into pairs or groups to patrol their assigned areas, either on foot or in vehicles, depending on the locale. These squads are, in turn, assigned to a Precinct House.

Multiple precinct houses are connected to a districtlocated in each city while smaller communities will have correspondingly fewer houses and officers. (A large hive may have a dozen precincts in a district, Whereas a small settlement might only have a one or two precinct houses with a few officers each to keep the peace). Each precinct house belongs to a district and overlaps its patrol routes and covered territory with adjacent precincts1) . Each district also has a distric-headquarters precinct house that will house a commissioner in charge of the district, And a Designated Tactical Response Teams or two available for emergencies that can be deployed when needed. {{ :nepleslia:lucky_s_h_a_d_e_s.png?200|}}

Each precinct house has three working shifts, no matter the length of the planetary day. Each shift is expected to work for eight hours or until the end of a crisis situation. Each shift has multiple squads on duty though the number varies from house to house. Individual officers may choose to work extra shifts by tagging along with another squad temporarily, as long as the sergeant in charge of it has no problem.

See Nepleslian Police Ranks for more details on each rank.


Each officer undergoes a 5 week, Live-in training program and a number of private academies, Usually on the outskirts of a major city or hive, Or in an orbital station or even offworld at another planets academy if the world is underpopulated and cannot afford to build an academy. Where they learn laws, History, Driving, And other such skills required for their duty.

Once graduated each cadet moves to a second phase of training at a singular private academy at the planetary capitol where officers live in a more strict and military style, Where they train in marksmanship and shooting, Hand to hand combat, Survival and Evasion in an urban environment, Riot formations and procedures and overall the more nitty-gritty aspects of officer life. Upon completing this mandatory 5 week program, Officers are promoted to officer candidate and stationed at their requested (or designated otherwise) city to be stationed at a precinct where there is space for additional officers.2)

Some worlds where crime is less abundant and finds itself without need for a constant supply of fresh officers will often incentivize new or established officers to transfer off-world to the more unstable territories and precincts that require their help, To ensure no single territory is without the manpower required at any time regardless of recruitment numbers by offering considerable bonuses or promotions to officers involved.

Cadets who have proven themselves well beyond the mark in training, Such as those with military backgrounds or those who have shown an impressive ability to soak up weapons fire and fire back and simply not die in simulation may be offered additional training as a DTR officer to be stationed in a district precinct house. While the job only comes with a somewhat moderate raise and a tenfold chance of dying, DTR officers are often see as the Elite among the NPF and are often given priority when it comes to the newest and best equipment, Increasing survivability and posting DTR officers in cushy jobs where they get to stay off the beat and crush ganger skulls in with sturdy Golem armor a couple times a week before picking up their paychecks.

In similar situations those in higher non-commissioned ranks like Sergeants can take specialized training to become Detectives or Special Agents


The following list is incomplete due to insufficient data from the NPF, only data for Nepleslia and Nepleslia Prime is readily available for public use :!:


For equipment issued to the NPF look here


OOC Notes:

Credit to Charmaylarg, EhWha, and Mr.Mister for finishing it.

Approval date: /7/18/18

Sub articles: (1,2,3,4,5,6

Precincts are not subject to jurisdictionary boundaries. Meaning officers can freely chase a suspect across precinct lines or even across the imperium if need be without the red tape of stepping on another precincts toes
To avoid espionage or infiltration, Officers cannot request a specific precinct to be stationed in only a district.

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