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Prisoners of War

This article covers the rules for prisoners of war under the laws of the Yamatai Star Empire and Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. In Yamatai this was passed by the Senate of Yamatai as proposal #25.


A prisoner of war is a person captured by Star Army of Yamatai or Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia in combat or in a war.


The law of the Yamatai Star Empire and Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia provides that all prisoners of war:

  1. Will be provided adequate food and water.
  2. Will be provided a decent place to sleep. (shelter)
  3. Will be provided with medical attention if needed.
  4. Will be provided with clean clothing as needed.
  5. Will not be mistreated so long as they cooperate and submit to their captors.
  6. Mistreatment is defined as handling them in a way that would violate the law if the POW were a citizen.

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