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Puraliberry Juice

Brief description of the food item/ration


After a stint as a ‘damsel in distress', and being rescued by Zeke Rykiel, Ayla Knight had spent her time on extended rest. Nearly a lot of this time was spent with Zeke, who had taught her a thing or two about cooking, but also about brewing drinks-something Zeke was very skilled in. Ayla was a good student and she listened to him carefully. She’d practiced making other drinks, merely copies of them, until finally, she did something new- she made the juice out of the Puraliberry, a fruit that she found enjoyment in consuming.

Of course, It helped that to juice it, she could relieve her stress by mashing on the fruit to get at the juice, but she later used technology to get a higher percentage of the juice out. She gave it to Zeke to taste and, eventually, discovered a way to remove pulp for those who don’t like that thing.

When she was satisfied with the recipe, she sold the drink to Black Wing Enterprises.


Puraliberry juice is a clear reddish-orange liquid, which was sifted and filtered to completely remove pulp right down to the molecular level of existence. This left the drink clear and devoid of a cloudy opacity. Primarily sour-free because of carefully controlled manufacturing this would be replaced by sugar, or a sugar-free additive to enhance the flavoring.


Puraliberry juice can be contained in:

  • Contained in a sealed can of aluminum, with a tab that pushes in a part of the top lid to create a opening in the can to drink out of.
  • The can is transparent to show off reddish orange of the liquid within, which backdrops the logo on the front of the can.
  • In addition, it is labeled with the appropriate information, as well as usual alcohol consumption warnings if it added.
  • Glass
  • A unique filament.


Possible flavors available for the food item/ration

  • Gives off a sweet taste reminiscent of grapes with a hint of apple.


Other than Glass or Transparent Durandium, Puraliberry juice can also be package within a soft squeezable filament that’s also consumable. This forces the liquid in a sphere-shaped item that is small enough that it’s easily handheld.

It blocks cold temperatures from going in, leaving the liquid hot.

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