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LCP-9 "Vigilant" Civilian Sidearm

Producer Information

Designer: Independent Weapons Incorporated

Manufacturer: IWI Northern Foundry, Funky City, Nepleslia

Price: 500 DA

Individual Component Costs:

Box of 9×26 IWI Ball-point bullets: 25 DA

Box of 9×26 IWI Hollow-point bullets: 30 DA

Replacement Parts (includes all parts needed to repair/replace damaged or broken parts): 250 DA

Extended Clips (Expands capacity to 25 bullets): 55 DA

Nomenclature Information

Name: LCP-9 “Vigilant” Civilian Sidearm (Officially designated as Civilian Pistol, Light, 9mm)

Type: Gas-operated

Model: LCP-9

Role: Law Enforcement secondary weapon

Length: 8 1/2 inches

Weight: 1.25 Kilograms

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Solid

Firing Mechanism: Gas-operated Semi-automatic

Caliber: 9x26mm IWI

Effective Range: 210 meters

Maximum Range: 400 meters

Minimum Range: 0m

Muzzle Velocity: 375 m/sec

Muzzle Blast: Small amount.

Firing Mode(s): Semi automatic

Recoil: Light recoil.

9X26 IWI, Ball Point (Standard)

Name: 9×26 IWI

General Description: Brass casing, ball point. A black ring is around the primer, marking it as the standard 9×26 ammunition.

Ammo: 15 bullets per magazine.

Bullet Description

Your typical 9×26 bullets, manufactured anywhere, ball point. Three centimeters in length, 8.0 grams (123 grain) weight. DR = 1.

9x26mm IWI, Hollow Point

Name: 9×26 IWI Hollow Point Rounds

General Description: Brass casing, hollow point. Green ring around the primer, marking it as hollow point.

Ammo: 15 bullets per magazine

Bullet Description

Typical 9×26 hollow-point bullets, bought anywhere. 2.5 centimeters in length, 8.0 grams (123 grain) weight. DR = 2.5.

Weapon Mechanisms:

Safety: Yes, pressing a button behind the trigger will lock it in position and prevent firing.

Fire mode selector: No.

Weapon Sight: Phosphorescent sight

Attachment Hard points: Optional flashlight/laser sight track on the bottom of the gun. 4x scope can be attached to the top, an extended clip may be purchased and used.

Maintenance Information:

Field Maintenance Procedure:

Disassemble action by removing the top of the pistol and unscrewing the handle, then carefully disassembling the pieces inside.. Carefully alcohol-swab all pieces of the pistol, remove obstructions or jams and re-assemble.

Replaceable Parts and components: The action, grip, sights and clip can be replaced.


After the glorious history of Nepleslian law enforcement began to take a slight curve, IWI came to be as a sort of “private contractor” for the weapons world. First commissioned by the Los Apagos Police Department to build a portable law enforcement weapons system, the quick success of the Porcupine encouraged another law enforcement sector to comission IWI to build them a good multi-purpose pistol.

Thusly, the Vigilant was born.

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