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Rokin Isles

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Rokin Isles refers to a chain of volcanic islands located on the Southwestern ocean shelf on Planet Nepleslia. The Isles are located due west of the continent of Chusset. the population of the Rokin Isles is not as dense as the rest of Nepleslia and most of the islands are only sparsely populated with only Haven van Inktvis holding most of the Isles' population. It has a warm tropical climate, an abundance of public beaches and over 300 varieties of fish live the waters around the Rokin Isles making the fishing industry flourish. They are listed from north to south.



Voorn is a largely submerged atoll, with one islet located approximately 140 mi northwest of Haven von Inktvis. The atoll is about 15 mi long and nearly 6 mi wide, with a lagoon area of 64 mi² and a total area including reef flat of 64 mi². A channel leads into the lagoon from near the northern side of the reef.

When the tide is falling, the water flows out of the lagoon and over the reef in all directions until the reef is uncovered, and then flows out through the channel on the northen side. On the rising tide, a reverse effect is noted. Only few parts of the reef completely dry.

Voorn Island, the only island of the reef, is located near its eastern tip about 65 ft to 140 ft wide and about 1300 ft long. The densely wooded island of coconut palms that sits atop a sand dune, which is 0.15 mi².

Voorn is a nesting spot for sea birds and sea turtles. Its rich sea life and vivid purple coral formations make it a popular diving spot, only accessible by private charter twice a day from the North Shore of Haven van Inktvis due to wildlife protection sanctions.

Western Small Island: Hemel

Island approximately 20 mi to the west of Haven van Inktvis. 45 mi wide and 15 mi long. The local industry is tourism with waterfalls, hot springs and beaches on a semi-dormant volcano.

Haven van Inktvis

Haven van Inktvis has the largest concentration of people of all the Rokin Isles and the largest land mass of 75 mi wide and 90 mi long and and is home to a Rokin Isles Biological Processing Center which takes up 50% of the island's land mass. A large airport located adjacent to the plant allows for quick shipment of clones and supplies. 75% of the population works at either the airport or the processing plant. The remaining 25% are locals that work the water shipping lanes and support the installation with services along the southern coastline, including commercial fishing and salvaging. Most of the tourist charters are located on the Northwestern corner of Haven on North Shore. On the southern shore is a small town called, Stolvin1).

Haven is a place that people go to work and they get few tourists that aren't transiting or getting a charter to one of the other islands in the area, Hemel being the most popular.

Haven is named for the large concentrations of bio-luminescent squid that live in the vast underwater caverns and old volcano tubes beneath the island.

Southern Tiny Island: Haai

Popular location for Nepleslian “reality” survivor shows. Water snakes, sharks and carnivorous plants, oh my.

Local Commerce

Landmarks and Places of Note

Rokin Isles Biological Processing Center: Where clones are created in large batches for military or personal use.

Rokin Islanders in Roleplay

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