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Jiyuu III (Jiyuu)

A terrestrial and mainly tropical ocean world, Jiyuu III is the capital of the Yugumo Cluster and was the core world of the United Outer Colonies until the faction fell to the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. It is now a major Yamatai Star Empire holding, and a PAINT transport hub.

More about the Planet

From the first colony Tamashii no Jiyuu, meaning the โ€œSoul of Freedomโ€, to the Mega City of Tokyo โ€“ Jiyuu was once a testament to the endurance and might of the United Outer Colonies. That age is no more. Evacuated and left an empty husk of its former glory, it was temporarily occupied by the NMX before being cleared by the Lorath Matriarchy. It hosted a temporary base of operations there until the Tenth Standard Fleet reclaimed the system for Yamatai. However, no move was made towards re-population of this planet until mid YE 36 when Yamatai began to bring the citizens home.

With its population increasing, the world was formally reinstated into the Yamatai Star Empire government in YE 37, when Mochizuki Shiori was elected to the Senate of Yamatai. She set about rebuilding the destroyed megacity and its economy through the formation of Peacekeeper Heavy Industries.

What remained of the old sprawling Tokyo Megacity (or Furui, as it was known) had become a den of salvagers and industrious survivalists, the refugees seeking to either pick up the pieces and rebuild their destroyed homes or re-purpose what technology they can from the ruins of the UOC's past glory. Parts of the city are considered unlivable due to the lingering radiation from the massive orbital bombardments that were conducted, though remediation efforts are well underway. Kage Yaichiro, the city's original architect, obtained ownership of almost all of Furui Tokyo in YE 39 and began decontamination and reconstruction efforts that will likely see the city completely rebuilt in time. As time goes on, the name Himawari (Sunflower) Tokyo has started to replace the name Furui Tokyo as Yaichiro and his new Sunflower Corporation work to rebuild with the assistance of those interested in obtaining a home in the rebuilt city.

However, not all Jiyuuians wished to brave the uncomfortable conditions of Furui and sought a fresh start instead. Located on an island in the archipelago between the old megacity and the Jiyuu Fleet Depot, the beginnings of a new megacity known as Atarashi (New) Tokyo have begun to rapidly take root, aided in part by their proximity to the incoming refugees from the new PAINT transport hub, and the construction of farming villages run by the Juugoya Cooperative.

Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities.


The star of the Motoyoshi-K-954 or Jiyuu star system is a Type G (Spectral Class) Yellow Dwarf with a surface temperature of 5,500 Kelvin and eight planets. It has a Type V Yerkes Luminosity classification. Its radius and mass are 1.1 times that of the main measurement unit of a star (based on ancient Earth's star, Sol, though this is not known).


Jiyuu III has five moons, named Jiyuu IIIA thru Jiyuu IIIE.


Jiyuu III is a predominantly ocean planet that has 84% coverage by water, including 30% coverage by ice due to polar ice caps. It is 32,000 km in circumference and 5,093 km in radius. It has several large densely populated archipelagos and small continents nearer the equator and away from the frozen glaciated poles. These archipelagos and small continents tend to be tropical or sometimes semi-tropical; containing forests, fields, beaches, and mountains.

There is a larger southern continent which is mostly obscured by the southern ice cap which is known to have diverse terrain. This terrain includes the aforementioned forests, fields, deserts, and mountains; as well as deserts, ice sheets, glaciers, and tundra.

Its oceans are tainted a deep green, teaming with life where the strong arctic currents meet uneven sea floor and spew upwards nutritional up wells.


The cities on the planet are Himawari (Sunflower) Tokyo and Atarashi (New) Tokyo, which are both part of the larger Tokyo Metropolis and separated by the Motoyoshi Channel. The Jiyuu Fleet Depot is also on this planet, located southeast of this metropolis.


The population of the planet is 170 million, mostly residing in Atarashi (New) Tokyo. The population is expected to notably increase, perhaps to well over a billion, as Himawari Tokyo is rebuilt.


Parts of the Tokyo Metropolis and the Jiyuu Fleet Depot are pictured for scale and location reference. Larger image available by clicking on th e picture.

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