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Aquila Flight

Formed in YE 37 as a means to usher in a new age in Nepleslia Star Navy's starfighter corps, Aquila Flight is the 78th Tactical Battalion's premier fighter squadron comprised of the best and most capable pilots Nepleslia has to offer. Formed and directly commanded by Rear Admiral Titus Orion, and within Grand Admiral Barrett Valke's 1st Assault Fleet, the 78th Tactical Battalion calls the Nss Oracle Home home.

Finally the flight has returned… Aquila has risen from the ashes after a year of backdoor politics and underhanded schemes grounded the flight. However, they are but a shell of what they once were. Will the Aquilas be able to claw their way back to the top or will they take their last breath?

About "Aquila Flight"

Aquila Flight is a roleplaying plot created May 18, 2015 by Gunhand4171. The current GMs are Legix and Charmaylarg.


As a elite dual purpose squadron, Aquila Flight is tasked with being a mission ready unit for high priority assignments whenever needed. Mission profiles include, but are not limited to, escorting VIPs or high value transports, Anti-Piracy and remnant enemy force removal, and aiding in the overall defense of The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia's sovereign space. Their secondary function is to be the test pilots for Nepleslia's work in progress overhaul of their armament of starfighters and next generation starship technologies.

Team Roster and Positions

Open Positions

Plot Status
Open, accepting new players.
Role Status
Fighter Open
Reconnaissance Open
Bombardier Closed
Support/Electronic Warfare Open
Tactical Officer Open
Rookie Closed

*This role is restricted and requires prior contact with the GM before creating characters in this position type.

Position User Status

Active Members

Rank Name Callsign Position/Role Player Notes
Captain Nero Vega Crux CO Gunhand4171 GM NPC/ Aquila Lead/ Aquila 1
Commander Olivia Winroe Lucky XO Ametheliana Aquila 2
Lieutenant Miranda Bannings Spirit Bombadier Grey Library Aquila 3
Lieutenant Edward Donato Electronic Warfare Whitehart Aquila 4
Ensign Nugget FNG Aquila 5
Ensign Paul Dyre Doc FNG Sparkee0213 Aquila 6

Inactive/Reserve Members

Rank Name Callsign Position/Role Player Notes
Rank Name Callsign Position/Role Player Notes
(N/A) (N/A) (N/A) (N/A) (N/A) (N/A)

Notable NPCs

Rank Name Callsign Position/Role Player Notes

Chronological Order of Threads

Rules and Pacing

This plot will be primarily done through SP (Single-Post) format: individual posts in threads on the forum. JPs (Joint-Posts) are going to be done on the agreement of the members of the plot and organized as members decide they would like to see one done. However JPs will not be mandatory for any member of the plot to participate in if they are unable to do so, so long as they remain active in the RP otherwise.

Pacing and Activity

As far as posting frequency and the overall pace of the plot, members should maintain a baseline average of one post every three to four days, or one post for every plot-advancing post by the GM. If this isn't possible for whatever reason, you are free to contact the GM, and let them know. If you do this instead of simply going in-active, you are safe from potential character death in regards to inactivity, and your character can simply be controlled by the GM or moved to the inactive roster if you wish.

Once you are able to return to the RP you only need to contact the GM and your character will be moved back into the active roster.

Regarding Unstated Inactivity

What follows is an explanation of the process to handle unexplained absence from players. This will not be done for any reason other than to ensure that the plot is not stopped/stalled or otherwise delayed due to players being inactive without having first notified the GM.

First Day

On the day that a plot-advancing GM post is made, all active members will be notified (through the OOC thread and/or private messaging). A responding post is not required or expected that day. This is simply done to notify players of the plot being moved forward.

Third Day

At three days from the time a plot-advancing GM post is made, if there has been no activity on the thread at all then a general reminder will be sent out to all active members. If there has been activity since that time, only those who have yet to post will be notified (through both the OOC thread and private messaging).

Fourth Day

Any individuals who have both still not posted in the thread and also not notified the GM of their absence will be sent a second PM, notifying them again of the GM's plot post, and requesting that they please either post within the next twenty four hours or contact the GM to explain why they are not able to do so. Details the player may not wish to share are not required, just a simple notification and explanation.

Fifth Day

The plot continues on and the inactive character(s) is(are) excluded from any major activity in the following plot post. A private message is sent to the player(s) in question to notify them of this.

Eighth Day

A second attempt is made to reach out to an inactive player in hopes of at the very least establishing baseline contact with the aim of bringing the player's character back up to speed or moving the character to the inactive roster as a safeguard.

Eleventh Day

Two days after the second plot-advancing post, if the inactive player has not contacted the GM, first-time cases will result in the character being moved to the Inactive roster while the plot continues. To get the character back in the plot and active roster, the player needs to send a private messaging with a brief explanation of why they were absent. Multiple cases of this could result in leaving the character to the risk of death.

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