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17th Strategic Bomber Group "Dragons"

17th Strategic Bomber Group โ€œDragonsโ€ is a roleplay created by Rawolfe & Wolf626 in February of 2020. The plot is focused on the in-depth events of the fighter and bomber wings that played their role in the Kuvexian War. If you are interested in the plot, check what is available in the positions below and contact either Rawolfe or Wolf626. Don't see something you can fill? Contact one of the GMs and see if your idea is possible!

17th Strategic Bomber Group "Dragons"
Forum Link Subforum Link
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Game Master Rawolfe & Wolf626
Pacing adjustable, ideally one post per week
Number of Players 7
Accepting Players? Yes
Joining Requirements Member of the Yamatai Star Empire
Starting Date 17-02-2020

Plot Overview

Nicknamed โ€œDragons,โ€ the 17th Strategic Bomber Group is part of the First Expeditionary Fleet, and is based out of the YSS Tokyo. Its primary mission is the destruction of high-value targets with strategic-tier weaponry. They will be put into action for bombing runs on enemy vessels, starbases or planetary locations, this will be done by the 66th Strategic Bomber Wing. They will be protected by the 118th Fighter Wing.

The plot focuses on missions centered around the First Expeditionary Fleet and the Kuvexian War with a mix of character interaction and operational missions in the form of chapters.

  • Location: Jiyuu System - Docked at YSS Tokyo
  • Current Mission: Prequel 'Pilots Unit'
    • The newly formed 17th Strategic Bomber Group comes together on the YSS Tokyo to hear the mission briefing of their new assignments. War is coming now very close to them!
      • Submission: Eyes upfront and focus
        • The 17th is getting one final shot to do a practice round before they are going to join the war with the YSS Tokyo.

The rating on this plot is:

  • Language: Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations.
  • Sex: Sexual content may be described in detail
  • Violence: Graphic violence is permitted.

17th Strategic Bomber Group


GM Information

Game Master contact is Wolf626. Both GM's are most of the time online, you can tag one of them in the #yamatai channel in the SARP discord server if you have questions regarding the Dragons plot. You can also contact the GM's in the SARP forum by replying in the OOC thread or DM'ing them. If you have a character ready for the Dragons, then please tag the GM's for approval!

Method of Play

We do both Play-by-Post and Joint Post on the forum (play by post) or any other platform (joint post). The average post cycle is ones a week, but this can be adepted.

Current Chapter

Past Chapters


The 17th Strategic Bomber Group was constituted in YE 42 as the Star Army of Yamatai First Expeditionary Fleet's primary strategic bomber force. The group initially made the first contact with each other at the YSS Tokyo 1) for socializing and getting to know each other. The 17th later on deployed for training round to test their skills with the group divided into two groups 2).

The next appearance was at the Battle Of Glimmergold 3) where the 17th got ripped apart and had to be reformed a few times with eventually the final wave being under the leadership of Sasaki Miyu. The 17th remnants got transferred to various locations, but the largest portion got transferred to YSS Mazu.

Plot Audit History

Plot Will

When this plot becomes inactive, its story and fighter, the structure remain it's own and can't be reproduced without the consent of the GMs. However, if you wish to create a similar story plot with different names and such, you are free to do so.

OOC Notes

Yuuki created this article on 2020/02/08 18:22. Edit by Rawolfe & Wolf626

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