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ISS Sobek plot

ISS Sobek plot is a roleplaying plot created December 26, 2022 by Damaske.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

Greetings everyone, I have a plot that I am going to be getting going here after the new year (1-1-2023)

This is going to be a plotline around a civilian-owned military gunship turned into a cargo ship. Due to the heavy military gunship theme of the craft, ship-to-ship combat is an option, as with escort, and attack missions. The ship owner is employed by a Kevexian independent faction and may do missions from there here. Most of the ship has been automated, but the crew makes operations a lot better. The max crew is 14, or 24 with shared quarters. (half crew sleep while other work)(players from the Sood Zadra plot have priority as crew)

Rules and Pacing

This plot will use single posts on the forums within GM-ran threads.

There will be the possibility of joint posting.

The planned pace of this plot will be at least one post a week or more if able.

Notice will be given before gm posts for others to get a pose in, or be skipped to keep the plot moving along.




Characters and Players

Character Player Notes
1 Fuji, Lenna Damaske Captian
2 Nikicon Swiftfoot Damaske Tactical and Engineering
3 Zeck Damaske Engineer
4 Mileena Charaa First Gunner, Engineer, Small vehicle pilot
5 open
6 open
7 open
8 open
9 open
10 open
11 open
12 open
13 open
14 open

Open Positions

There is a max crew of 24 crew onboard the Sobek positions that are available are:

  • Gunners
  • Sensors and communications
  • Cargo handlers (Including ground vehicles)
  • Engineers
  • Medics
  • Small craft pilots (Including ground vehicles)

I am not seeking a max number of a certain position, and a character can have two positions for greater flexibility.


Events that happened in your plot go here.

OOC ThreadOOC Thread
Last Checked2023/03/13
Characters WantedGunners
Sensor and communications
Pilots and drivers
Cargo handlers

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