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Lorath are a bipedal humanoid species which through eugenic breeding have divided their biodiversity into four distinctive castes. Fyunnen, Lmanel, Occhestian / New Tur’listia, and Tur’listia. Each caste possesses distinctive traits, while also sharing a majority of features among the Lorath as a whole. The majority of the Lorath live in Nepleslia's Northern Territories with another small amount living in the Southestern corner of Yamatai controlled space and independently.


Lorath are a bipedal species, with humanoid characteristics. Most Lorath possess two arms, two legs, ten fingers, ten toes, two ears, two eyes, one mouth with omnivorous dental anatomy, two lips, one nose with two nostrils, two breasts, one reproductive organ which consists of one penis and two testicles for males and one vaginal opening for females, one anus, no navel, two buttocks, and two small vestigial wings placed upon back of torso (full size wings in select individuals).


Lorath eyes conventionally are various shades of yellow and amber, however, due to the availability of genetic manipulation technology, Lorath eye color can vary widely, allowing for a wide range of eye color.


Within the Lorath race genes play a specific role in virtually every aspect of life, this does not leave out even the aspect of the structure of the ear. Due to the selective breeding within each caste, ears are a method of telling a member of one caste, from a member of another. Fyunnen are often known to have ears that have a point to them; their appearance is much like that of a human ear other than the two additional inches at the tip of the top of the ear. Members of the New Tur'lista house are known for their rather plain looking ear, which has nearly an exact same appearance as a human-like ear, except for ear lobes that are not separated from the jaw line. Lmanel, on the other hand, are known for their unusually long ears, which are nearly as beast like as their spirit, the shape of the ear is long and it becomes slender near the tip, which then splits into three distinctive points, some individuals believe that the ear fits an exaggerated example of a felines ear. Some Lmanel ears are fur-clad.


The ears and the wings of the Lorath are their distinguishing features of the race. The tips of the wings just reach the hips, and a covered in jet black feathers. Due to the long exile of the Lorath, these wings are vestigial and are not functional for flight. However, Lmanel individuals which have bonded themselves to creatures of flight have been known to be able to physically shift the structure of their wings to allow for flight.


The Lorath have a palish, sometimes bordering grey skin coloring. This was from the years of exile underground, though many of the newer Lorath generations have been taking on a slightly tanned coloring, with some undergoing genetic therapy to promote melanin production.

General Build

Lorath as a species are predisposed to healthy and athletic builds of a myriad of types with a trend toward svelte musculature. As well nearly a half of all Lorath are ectomorphic lending to tall thin wiry builds grace, an approximate third displays mesomorphic traits and the remainder are endomorphic. Of additional note all most Lorath feature hips that would be considered wide for a human lending to a frequent pear shape in the population.

General Biology Points of Focus

Lorath age at half the rate of humans, and due to their cultured genetics they tend to have a longer equivalent lifespan on average.

Small atrophied black feathered wings resulting from their period of time spent underground. Shiny feathers are good feathers.

Genetic diseases/defects are rare, due to the majority of genetic defect being bred out of the population, this allows for genetically similar pairs to mate without repercussion.

Caste Biology

  • Fyunnen - This caste features efficient metabolisms, increased stamina, improved physical recovery, more efficient muscle, denser muscle, and more durable bones than a human of equivalent state and stature.
  • Lmanel - Malleable genetics allow them to imprint the genome of an animal and rewrite their cellular structure to replicate features of the foreign biology. Degree of physical alteration varies by individual skill and heritage, however, the majority of Lmanel are unable to alter their physical features by more than 1/3rd deviation from original. Lmanel biology also offers limited empath abilities.
  • New Turlista/Occhestians - Enhanced neurology allows for New Tur'listia, and Occhestians to achieve empath abilities, tactile telepathy, improved recall, improved cognitive abilities, and an increased compatibility with neural-link based cybernetic interfaces.

General Psychology

Lorath are geared toward social cooperative instincts as a whole and have a strong sense of community and kinship. Bonds of kinship between Lorath tend to lend to greater cooperation, a refrain from 'us vs. them' mentality among Lorath, and a reduction of perceived scarcity within Lorath society. With such a disposition, it is easier for Lorath to work toward the betterment of the species due to minimal infighting. However, in contrast to Lorath kinship among themselves, the species has exhibited a distinctively slow development of empathy for those outside of their species, as well as those which have been socially ostracized and set apart from society.

Lorath do assign significance to actions of merit, as well as willingness of those considered 'outside' Lorath society to participate in Lorath practice, custom, and thought. Offenses to Lorath individuals and society are often remembered for an extensive duration of time, and may be a distinctive blemish which would require actions of reconciliation and restitution to attain redemption.

Base emotions are key factors in Lorath relations, with many actions carried out by Lorath individuals and by social groups, aimed at emphasizing the indulgence of base emotion, with little to no pretense.

Caste Psychology


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