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Approved Submission Lorath Re-Work Project - First of Many Submissions


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@SageShooter and I have been at this for a while, we are only doing this in our spare time so please be gentle (I mean or not ;) )

We still have a lot of work to go, but this

Updates and fixes the Lorath Species page (It also fixes the spelling of the castes/houses, which according to Sage have been spelled wrong for years)
Creates an actual Culture Page for the Lorath!


This was a joint effort.
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
I will devote some time tomorrow to converting the species article into the template. We did this work last year so it is no problem to back track. I'll move my development schedule around a bit.
After looking at the template, we're going to have to redo everything including the pages we were saving for later either to properly complete it. So I've put the thread on hold.
@Wes We've been able to move the article into template standing (The Culture Article linked in since it goes more in-depth than the species article requires).

The sub-article Lorath Culture on Star Army Space Roleplay is listed for this submission as well.
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