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The Neo-Caelisolan body is a variant of the original Caelisolan. Strangely, this body type fills a role in the Elysian social heirachy that was not considered for the longest time. As foreigners started pouring into Elysia and identifying with their morals, there was no easy way to blend in. It was this and other factors that led to the research of the Neo-Caelisolan by Star Army of Yamatai scientist Iemochi Seinosuke, eventually producing the body. For a while afterwards, it was impossible to release until his visit to Elysia in YE 40. It became available for public use immediately and saw massive interest and popularity amidst non-Elysian citizens.

Unlike Caelisolans, Neo-Caelisolans can be reliably created artificially by synthesising and splicing a creature's original DNA. By following the process detailed by the creator of the subspecies, it is possible to produce a near-copy of the original creature, with Elysian features. This was the primary purpose for their original creation, to allow for non-Elysian citizens to integrate into Elysian society and culture without sacrificing their personal identity and appearance.

About Caelisolans

Neo-Caelisolans take a similar role to the traditional Caelisolan, with varying levels of physical distinction. They perform much the same tasks, though they aren't seen in as welcoming a manner as true Caelisolans. The difference in attitudes towards a foreigner and a Neo-Caelisolan is very noticeable, given the commitment it takes to take the leap between species. In fact, some native Elysians may decide to change subspecies to take advantage of the slight physical advantages of the new model. This is fairly uncommon due to the fact Neo-Caelisolans are formed from Caelisolan DNA spliced with other races, so it is seen as a muddying of the bloodline. The children of Caelisolans and Neo-Caelisolans can be classed as either type at birth, based on various circumstances.

Physically, there are very little differences between the Caelisolans. The most obvious, main change is the change in nature of the Elysian's wings. Whereas it is almost always the case (aside from artificially colouring) that the wings of Elysians are of one main colour scheme, this is not the case the majority of the time with Neo-Caelisolans. To differing degrees, the colouration of their wings are multi-toned, often with changing gradients between several seperate colours. This is the easiest way to distinguish them from the crowd.

Neo-Caelisolians are also internally different to their original counterparts. During their progenitor's journey to create a subspecies designed specifically for ST, the splicing of various type of DNA altered the base Caelisolan features. Due to the 'generalisation' of the resulting DNA by adding a wide array of different types, bacterial infection is generally more debilitating than it would be for a Caelisolan. Conversely, this same variety and hybridisation has increased resistance to viral infection.

Their muscles and bones are also marginally stronger than their counterparts, the augmentations reducing the pronunciation of the hollow nature of their bones. To compensate for this, stronger muscles were cultivated to support the heavier skeleton. As a side effect, this strengthening has made the ability to fly much more common amongst Neo-Caelisolans. However, their increased weight yields a greatly reduced flight time untrained compared to their predecessors, the increased risk of torsion also slightly compounding risk of injury.

Playing a Caelisolan

Playing a Neo-Caelisolan is similar to playing a Caelisolan. The primary aspect to note is that while you will not be regarded with the same suspicion a foreigner would, it is unlikely this will disappear completely unless you are fully integrated into Elysian society. Additionally, as you are an outsider, there will be a higher need for self-resourcefulness. While it is possible to colour your wings in a single tone like normal Caelisolans, this is seen as highly deceptive behaviour and taboo.


The Neo-Caelisolan body is technically not available to the public - as its legality and social position are still being debated in the Elysian Senate - however individuals who know the right Senators are still able to obtain them for questionably-legal โ€œfield testingโ€ purposes. The genetic template was made available to the Elysian Senate in YE 40, as a gift before the creator of the template was forced to return to Yamatai.


The Neo-Caelisolian body appears nearly identical to the Caelisolan form, though with the obvious exception of the multi-chromatic colouration present in their wings. This is as a side effect of the spliced nature of the DNA template and hence presents in nearly all cases. The sequences can be manipulated during the consultation process prior to completion to increase the likelihood of certain colours presenting. Further change is highly regulated and done on a case-by-case clearance basis.

Colourations and rarities for hereditary eye, hair and wing colours correspond to Caelisolan features.

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