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Fort Nozomi

Fort Nozomi is the Star Army of Yamatai main base on planet Gashmere. It was established in YE 37, ten years after first contact with the Kodians by the YSS Nozomi, which the fort is named after. The fort was created to give the Star Army a space to operate besides the crowded Gashmere Spaceport. Due to rising diplomatic tensions between factions in the Kodian planetary government, the Star Army has been quietly setting up Fort Nozomi as a staging ground for a peacekeeping effort.


As of YE 41, Savannah Landry is the primary communications contact for Fort Nozomi.


Fort Nozomi is a sprawling base that has a circular shape roughly 30 kilometers in diameter including a thick, Zesuaium-fortified concrete outer wall that is 25 km in diameter and 12 meters tall. The Zesuaium comes from scrapped and salvaged starships of the First Mishhuvurthyar War. The outer edge of the base consists of open farmland where short plants like strawberries are grown. The base features a large array of automated anti-aerospace and anti-ship turrets and defense systems (Ke-P3-1a Shield Tower and Ke-P3-2a Armed Tower). Inside the base is a large star port.


The Fort is a fairly typical Star Army fort, with a defensive perimeter and the usual facilities, like:


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