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Fort Victory

Fort Victory is a training base for the Star Army of Yamatai, located on planet Yamatai.

  • Nicknames: “Boot Camp Alpha”
  • School colors: red and purple
  • Motto: Until the Final Victory
  • Location: Kyoto (originally Uesureyan Fields)


The current communications secretary for Fort Victory is Eileifr O Cuana.


Fort Victory was originally an old fortified spaceport that was part of Uesureyan Fields. When Geshrin military forces were consolidated into the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 21, Star Army forces re-purposed the fort as a training camp for new recruits. Several annexes were added over the years, mainly additional dormitories and training facilities.

The fort served in this capacity until YE 25, when it incorporated into the city plans as Kyoto was being designed. The entire fort was relocated to the outskirts Kyoto after construction of the new capitol was complete.


While Fort Victory is technically within Kyoto city limits, it is in the city’s outskirts and did not have to conform to the city’s architectural style. The buildings within the fort are Spartan and minimalist in appearance and style, and their interiors are sparsely decorated, if at all. The fort itself rather resembles a prison, with high walls, metallic gates of unknown composition, and watch towers equipped with search lights. These are meant to keep out unwanted intruders rather than imprison its occupants, however. The search lights point outward. Check points block the two main roads connecting to the fort.

As with any modern military training facility, lecture halls, classrooms, libraries, offices, and dormitories lie within the walls of Fort Victory. The fort also maintains its own fire station, military police station, and hospital.

The fort also serves as an additional garrison protecting the capitol city.

Other amenities include:


Yamatai has no draft system. There is no need for it, as the production of Nekovalkyrja provide an endless supply of willing soldiers. However, many civilian Yamataians eagerly enlist into the Star Army of Yamatai for various reasons. Some come from a family with a history of military service and feels compelled to carry on its legacy. Others find the prospect of working in an office building unappealing, and seek more excitement in their lives. People who recently emigrated to Yamatai from Nepleslia might find that they have little marketable job skills save for their combat experience.

For these enlisted men and women, the boot camp quickly and effectively prepares them for life in the Star Army of Yamatai.


The curriculum includes combat training, basic communications, technology operation, and basic mathematics. High performing students may be retained for additional occupational training.

Length of Program

4 months to 1 year, depending on whether the recruit receives additional training beyond the basic requirements.


Well known among Yamataians and Nekos.

OOC Notes

This fort is one of several on Yamatai that conducts basic training of new recruits. Your character does NOT have to have been trained here. However, this fort is one of the better known ones.

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