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Star Army Creed

Star Army of Yamatai Hinomaru Logo

All soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai are sworn to live by the Star Army Creed.


The Star Army creed was adopted in YE 29 (OOC: February 20071)).

The Star Army Creed

I am soldier of the Star Army of Yamatai…an expert in combat and exploration; a warrior ready to destroy our enemies where ever they are found.

I am a dignified professional, highly trained and highly disciplined – I will act in a manner that reflects well on the Star Army. I will maintain my mind, body, and equipment in constant readiness. I will take pride in my starship or unit and work hard to make it the Star Army’s finest.

I am loyal to the Empress. I will follow her orders and the orders of those appointed over me. I serve the people of Yamatai; I will never betray their trust in me and I will always do what's right.

OOC Notes

Wes made this.

It is frequently referenced in the Star Army Recruiting & Personnel RP.

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