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The Star Army Creed

I am soldier of the Star Army, an expert in combat and exploration.

I serve the people of Yamatai and will never betray the trust they have placed in me.

I am a professional – I will maintain my mind, body, and equipment in constant readiness, and will follow my orders.

I will take pride in my starship and work hard to it the Star Army’s finest.

No matter what, I will never give up, and I will always do the right thing.
I like the first four lines. The last line ... it just sounds squishy to me. Not very solid a declaration for the final line.
Alright, I changed the last line to:

"I will always do what's right and I will never give up, no matter what."
... I was thinking something that sounded more formal.

"I serve at the pleasure of the Emperor, and defend his will with my life."

Or, seeing we serve Yamatai's people, not the Emperor --

"I will protect the Empire of Yamatai even in the face of death."

Something that sounds final, slightly fanatical, a statement of dedication, something that shows everyone knows, up front, that you could die for this nation.

This isn't the U.S. Army, after all -- especially with the presence of Nekovalkyrja, it feels like there should be that level of zealotry. Think of the Rifle Creed and how crazy it sounds.

That is something I'd expect from a Nekovalkyrja, a weapon made purely for war. Sure, Geshrin and Yamataians could say this too, but aren't there different creeds for officers in the U.S. Army anyway?
I'm in agreement with Doshii - the current wording is too fuzzy, too generic, too...good. It might fly for the Neps, but Yamatai? I doubt it.
Aye, something that shows the internal bloodlust that the more zealous nekovalkryja have. Something that also conveys the intent of the empire, and Yui most of all.

Translation: Something that says "We're going to slice off your head the moment that you're rude, if you're a threat we'll kill you or take you, and if you threaten the beloved children of the empire, you will face our wrath which would be ten fold of what you done to us. But be told, if you love the Empire, the empire shall love you."

Put that in elegant words and make it sound jazzy, then you get something that shows the true intent of the Empire.

Either that, or something which indicates the frequent all neko group orgies.
Funny... this sounds fermilure "I am an american soldier..." or something.

Some of the soldiers I met in korea were talking about all these creeds and kittke speaches they memorize. Something about singing a song every morning when the flag was raised on their base (i think it's just that base though)

When did the military come up with these things? is it recent? is there one in every service even? The real ones sound a lot like some strange kind of self afermation speech.

Isn't the YSS a darker sort of entity as a whole though? Spouting off words about honor and "the right thing" is kind of odd when you have the question of who it's right for.

Any how, The ending seems a little blunted dosen't flow that well when you actually speak it but the detail is pretty cool.
The Yamataian Star Empire isn't dark. At least, not to itself. As far as Yamatai is concerned, its Empire is the best thing ever. I wouldn't be surprised for Wes to himself believe that to a certain extent - but that's really a matter of perspective.

After all, 'benevolence' is in the eye of the beholder. Though I recall this...

Yui frowned. "I'm not going to beg for them to join us, Chui. It's their loss if they don't want to join us, not ours. There's a billion worlds out there to explore and add to our domain; I'm not terribly concerned about these people. After all, you cannot loose what you don't have."

...really gave my character the chills at the time it was spoken.