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Star Army Giretsu Century

A recent addition to the Star Army Rikugun, a Giretsu (義​烈, meaning heroism) Century's main mission was direct action raids in hostile or sensitive environments that normal Rikugun Centuries would cause issues in or incapable of. These raids often resulted in the killing or capturing of high-value targets. Secondary missions of a Giretsu Century's raid include strategic location seizure; special reconnaissance; personnel recovery; clandestine insertion; and gathering intelligence on site. A century could be deployed quickly compared to a standard Star Army Century.

Giretsu Rangers (First in, Last Out) have a slightly modified operational methodology due to their need to be quick and silent:

  • Infiltrate and set up orbital drop zones
  • Active recon (in all possible conditions)
  • Surveillance (emplacement of unmanned sensors/EW jammers, remain undetected for days)
  • Direct Action (limited ambushes when needed)
  • Emplace tactical equipment

In YE 44, due to changes in force requirements, Giretsu Centuries were disbanded. While still active, they were open to all soldiers of available occupations within them who graduate SAIC. SAINT operatives and officers had an exception due to the nature of their training. However, it was encouraged to have officers/operatives assigned as support to have gone through SAIC to ensure unit cohesion of tactics and discipline.

Giretsu are known for their high levels of professionalism, those that do not fit will be “Released for Standards” in order to maintain the unit standard.

The shorthand for a century's designation “Giretsu Century of the 236th Legion” is “G/236.”


  • Command/Support Platoon
    • Combat Support
      • Intelligence
      • Communications
    • Combat Service Support
      • Admin
      • Cooks
      • Logistics/Transport
      • Maintenance
  • Infantry Platoons(3)
    • Squads (3)
      • Fire Teams(2)
        • Infantry(4)
  • Recon Platoon
    • Fire Teams(2)
      • Rangers(4)


The standard Gieretsu Century contained the following occupations:

Platoons and Fire Teams

The Century was subdivided into five platoons: One support platoon (S) and three infantry platoons (A, B, C), and one recon platoon (D). In the infantry platoons, the 24 soldiers (including the platoon leader) were divided into 6 fire teams, resulting in a fire team size of four soldiers. Each platoon had one medic (typically in the platoon leader's fire team). Infantry and recon fire teams were referred to by platoon letter and team number; for example, “D1.”

The Centurion was the commanding officer, but there were other leadership posts consisting of platoon leaders, squad leaders, and fire team leaders. In the event the commanding officer was killed or disabled, command rested on the shoulders of the senior platoon leader or intelligence officer.

Individual Gear

Unit Equipment

The following was a list of standard equipment provided by the government to standard centuries. In long term campaigns with their legion, Giretsu Centuries had made use of their assigned equipment. Though when moving as a quick reaction force (QRF) or clandestine missions, they made use of what was pre-dropped or shared local forces resources.

Buildings (Portable)



Tools and Repair Supplies

OOC Notes

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Inspired by the 75th Ranger Regiment.

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