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ISS Sobek

The ISS Sobek is a foreign spacecraft from a civilization beyond the Kikyō Sector, that was designed many years ago for protecting vital trade ships from fighters and power armor attacks, as with the ability to carry troops for security details, or boarding. It is fitted with 3 forms of turrets and 2 forward launchers, the smallest turrets deal with missiles, and space junk while the mid-power turrets deal with power armor, and fighters, and the largest turrets and launchers can be troublesome to ships around the Sobek's own size.


Most of the history of this ship is unknown, But Fuji, Lenna received this craft after she rammed her cargo ship into a pirate raider capital ship making the pirate ship flee from attacking a large freighter. As a reward, the freighter gave Lenna this frigate. Seeing that this craft was more for combat and carrying troops Lenna went to removing the extra barracks for the infantry converting all the room into large cargo holds at the fore of the craft. Lenna kept a lot of the weapons, defense, and power systems of the craft in place as she knows all too well a well-defended cargo craft is needed in the lawless parts of the galaxy.


The ISS Sobek has appeared in the following plots and other roleplays

In YE 43 Lenna, stopped at a settlement on UXIII called Sood Zadra, and was hired to complete some trade missions by the Baroness that governed there. The Sobek was having issues with its primary power reactors, and The Baroness fronted some funds for Lenna and Nikicon to refit the Sobek. During this time the Sobek took part in the defense of the settlement firing its main guns at invading dropships as they attempted to land, sending one to crash outside the settlement and hurting another that managed to land. Once the fighting was over and the rebuilding underway, the Sobek's Meason power reactors were refitted and the nonfunctional smallest turrets were replaced with some Yu-din-chi laser turrets that were sold to them along with the parts to fix the power systems.


This class of Starship was made for escorting and defending large cargo ships as with carrying infantry to other ships or planets. However, due to the double stack configuration of the main cannons on both dorsal and ventral, it makes it to where this craft needs to dock on the sides as the main cannon control room would hit the ground first. The frigate has a total of 20 main cannons in 10 twin mounts, 2 aft, 2 forward, 1 port, and 1 starboard. with 2 forward launchers for missiles, torpedoes, or probes. There are 16 secondary, 4 barrel Gatling cannons in 4 twin mounts along each side, with 16 nonfunctional defense, 4 barrel Gatling cannons in single mounts near the center of each side, four aft, 2 forward, and 1 atop each fire control bridge. The infantry bays that were in the fore of the spacecraft was removed for a large cargo bay, and the shuttle bays remained, but slightly expanded to house a fighter or power armor.

The spacecraft does have grav plating that will allow the crew to walk around the ship as if on a planet. The engineering deck is kept between 1/4 or zero-g whereas the upper and lower decks have their gravity closer to 1g. This gravity field extends for no more than 2 centimeters outside the hull to prevent odd interactions with the outside.

Mission Specialization

  • Specialization 1: Trade and Cargo
  • Specialization 2: Anti-Fighter and Anti-Power armor gunship escort duty
  • Can be used to explore unknown space


The Sobek is an odd craft as instead of one craft it appears that whoever made it cut the lower watertight hull from two planetary naval craft and sandwiched them with an engineering and drive section. Spread along the dorsal and ventral sides are 8 twin mount main cannon turrets, with 1 on port and starboard sides, a fire control bridge with Yu-din-chi laser turret atop, and sensor and coms gear. Along the sides are 8 more twin mount secondary Gatling cannon turrets 4 turrets per side, with 14 Yu-din-chi laser turrets 7 per side. This gives the Sobek a strong weapon load out and many layers of covering fire with various weapon types. The fore of the craft is boxlike and holds 2 forward launchers and narrows out to a point in the aft, the top half of the craft mirrored by the lower half.

Statistics and Performance

Lenna has noted that even for an older ship the Sobek is still very good at the job she is using it for, The cargo capacity is comparable to her old freighter, but is much better armored and armed. The only real issue that she has found about the craft is that it can not land on a planet without some sort of landing pad due to its odd vertical style that it is.


The Sobek has an outer layer of material called Quicksilver, underneath this layer is a PlaSteel Crystalline matrix armor layer. The final layer of armor is a meter-thick PlaSteel layer that covers the frame and inner hull of the spacecraft and is made from PlaSteel with certain areas hardened with the PlaSteel Crystalline matrix for added strength.

General Statistics for the “Sobek” Merchant Gunboat
Year Introduced Unknown, Received YE 40
Class/Nomenclature Merchant Gunboat
Alternative Nomenclature Sobek
Designers Unknown, modified by Fuji, Lenna
Manufacturer Unknown
Fielded By Personal craft of Fuji, Lenna
Range 12 months Maximum 24 months
Maintenance Cycle 4 years Maximum 8 years
Pricing Unknown


Crew: 12 (4 officers 8 crew) operators are recommended, 1 is required. Can support 28 crew where half are asleep while the others are on duty.

Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 28 people. About 68 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped. Unless the cargo holds are used then the number of people would be closer to a couple of hundred standing room only.


  • Length: 150 meters (492.13 feet)
  • Width: 30 meters (98.42 feet)
  • Height: 50 meters (164.04 feet)
  • Decks: 9 (5 meters each)(16.40 feet)

Propulsion and Range

Continuum Distortion Drive Quantum Slip Stream FTL 9,375c
Hyperspace Fold Drive Slip Stream Fold Drive 0.375 ly/m
Sublight Engines Meson(cold-fusion) sublight Drive 0.400c
Range 4 years
Lifespan Unknown
Refit Cycle 10 years 14 years max

Damage Capacity

  • Weapons: Medium Anti-Starship (tier 11)
  • Hull: Tier 11 (Medium Starship)
  • Shields: Tier 11 (Medium Starship, Barrier)

Inside the Ship

The interior of the Sobek is well taken care of if the walls, ceilings, or floors are rusty it is hidden under paint or has been taken care of and removed in the case of the floor or ceiling. Nikicon has a habit of placing a lavender scent in the air filtration unit so the air of the Sobek has a slight lavender scent to it, Lenna enjoys the smell so she has allowed it. The general look of the Sobek is a ship that is loved by her Captain, and she tries hard to keep it going to protect her and serve as a home as well as work.

Deck Layout

Deck 1

Dorsal Fire control bridge, Staircase, Main and Emergency turbolifts, Coms, and Sensor equipment.

Deck 2

Main turret gear, Main turret loading gear main and upper shell magazine, Upper powder room, Staircase, Main and Emergency turbolifts, Forward Coms, and Sensor equipment.

Deck 3

Main turret gear, Main turret lower magazine and Powder loading gear, Main turret lower powder room, Upper Shuttle bay1), Staircase, Main and Emergency turbolifts, extra storage.

Deck 4

Main Cargo bay2), Officer/Crew quarters, Captains quarters, Secondary Coms and Sensor gear, Galley, and Galley storage, Staircase, Main and Emergency turbolifts, Port and Starboard main turret magazines, Engineering3), Cold Fusion reactor fuel tanks, Sub-light drives4), Hyperspace, and CCD drives5).

Deck 5

Main Cargo bay, Meson reactor fuel tanks, Battlebridge, Main and overflow sickbay, Staircase, Main and Emergency turbolifts, Port and starboard main turret gear and loading gear, Engineering, Sub-light drives, Hyperspace, and CCD drives

Deck 6

Main Cargo bay, Officer/Crew quarters, Captains quarters, Secondary Coms and Sensor gear, Galley, and Galley storage, Staircase, Main and Emergency turbolifts, Port and Starboard main turret powder room, Engineering, Cold Fusion reactor fuel tanks, Sub-light drives, Hyperspace, and CCD drives.

Deck 7

Main turret gear, Main turret lower magazine and Powder loading gear, Main turret lower powder room, Lower Shuttle bay6), Staircase, Main and Emergency turbolifts, extra storage.

Deck 8

Main turret gear, Main turret loading gear main and upper shell magazine, Upper powder room, Staircase, Main and Emergency turbolifts, Forward Coms, and Sensor equipment.

Deck 9

Ventral Fire control bridge, Staircase, Main and Emergency turbolifts, Coms, and Sensor equipment.


Sobek has a total of 3 bridges but each one is the same layout with the battle bridge not only in the center of the craft but surrounded by 50 cm of PlaSteel Crystalline matrix armor for extra protection. The bridge has the captain sitting at the center(1) near the rear at a station that can control Helm, Coms, Senors, Combat systems, and some basic readouts from engineering. To the right and a little forward is the Commutations and Sensor console(2), the left is the Engineering console(3), at the forward right is the combat systems(4), and to the forward left is the Helm console(5).

Cargo Storage Areas

The main cargo area is forward of the ship and takes up Decks 4, 5, and 6, But there is also some normal ship storage located in decks 3 and 7, The galley has its own storage on deck 4 and 6, The engineering also has some small storage built into the walls. Inside both sickbays are built-in storage.

Crew Cabins

The crew cabins are spartan having a bed, dresser, closet, a wall-mounted entertainment center with a small viewing device, and a small bathroom with a tub, sink, and towel closet. Officers and the command rooms are made for a single person, however, the non-officer rooms are built to house two persons.

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The Sobek has an outer layer (25 cm) of material called Quicksilver 7) that ablates off when damage is taken and has the ability to reflow into holes, however in doing so the full layer of armor thins out in response. Underneath this layer is a PlaSteel Crystalline matrix 8) armor layer (50 cm) that can absorb kinetic energy that hits it, however, it is weak to thermal energy. The final layer of armor is a meter-thick PlaSteel 9) layer that is the final armor protection for the spacecraft.

Computers and Electronics

The Sobek uses an older model digital computer network with many redundant pathways for commands to follow including an older analog system. No were as near as fast as today's computer systems of starships now. Some parts of the ship appear to have been made ready for a faster neural-based computer network but were never installed. The main computer core of the ship is carried in the battle bridge substructure as with its 3 backup cores. Should the main go down the backups take over splitting the ship among the three cores. The backup computer cores are never off and are communicating with the main core so no data is lost if the main goes down suddenly.

Additional Systems

Additional systems installed on the Sobek were the SachiTech Tech-Scanner a piece of technology created by Itatski Sachiko and used by Yugumo Corporation. As well as the Mining Guild’s Mineral Scanner. The Iss Sobek, being affiliated via Yugumo Corp as a result of Nikicon’s spokesbunny job, and the close friendship with the Mining Guild allowed the ship access to these technologies.

Emergency Systems

The Sobek has 2.5 cm armored hallways and armored doors that will form air-locks in case of a hull breach, each door set is set just far enough that two people can make the passage at a time. Around the crew, cabins are a special double wall that created airspace that will hopefully prevent a crew cabin from venting to a vacuum. The Sobek has energy storage devices that are for emergency systems, The following are the devices, what system they power, and for how long they will last.

Weapon system: Defense turrets 4 hours Active use reduces power to 1 hour
Weapon system: Shield system 4 hours Active use reduces power to 1 hour
Drive System: Sublight drive 4 hours active use
Drive System: 1 jump
Life support: 12 hours
Gravity plating: 4 hours

These power devices use a chemical reaction that once started can not be stopped, and will produce heat. The devices have cooling systems to dissipate any heat build-up. But any damage to these devices will at best leak some of the chemicals to at worst catch fire and explode.

Life Support Systems

The Sobek uses an active filtration media that absorbs harmful gasses and reduced them in the environment helping to keep the air clean for oxygen-breathing humanoids. Coupled with liquid or frozen oxygen in tanks to resupply the breathable air to normal levels. Should the power go out the emergency power will keep the fans for the active filtration going for 12 hours before the media is unable to absorb more and fails completely. There are breathing masks for the crew located in the battle bridge, engineering, and common areas for 50 people, these breathing masks have 8-hour tanks.


The Sobek uses a Meson reactor for its sublight drives and that also powers the rest of the craft. There is a cold fusion reactor backup for both power and propulsion, and normal reaction thrusters to provide faster turns while in space. While in planetary mode there are several jet turbines that provide forward motion as with downward thrust, There is a slight gravity bubble that works with the planet's gravity well to help support the bulk of the craft. There are small dual-fuel liquid rockets that provide turning for the craft with assistance in landing.

Shield Systems

Multi-layer Sub-space 4-way shielding system, with reactive particle hardening, forward, port, starboard, and aft is the shield section. (Compatible to tier 11 shield generators)

Weapons Systems

  • Main Weapon: 10, 610 mm by 20 m twin mount turrets (tier 10 class)

  • Secondary Weapon:8, 30 mm by 2.30-meter dual mount 4 barrel Gatling turrets (tier 8 class)

  • Tertiary Defense Weapon:16, Yu-din-chi laser turrets (tier 8 class)

  • Fore Launchers: Unknown system name two tube launchers (tier 10 class)
  • Vertical Launchers 8, tier 8 “Suzukaze” Mini-Missile Launchers Type 43 (Planned upgrade Not installed yet)

Ammo Carried

  • Main cannons: 610 mm by 1740 mm Armor Piercing, Capped, Ballistic Capped (APCBC) round, 610 mm by 1740 mm HE round, 610 mm by 1372 mm flechette round, 610 mm by 1740 mm beehive submission round (air burst deployed, anti-armor or anti-personal for ground bombardment)
  • Fore launcher: Sub-space Torpedo Light Anti-starship (tier 10) Antimatter Torpedo Heavy Anti-Mecha (tier 9) Hopper missile system 10), Sensor missile
  • “Suzukaze Mini-Missile Anti-Mecha Yellow Tip (Tier 7, Distortion Detonator warhead), Anti-Armor Yellow Tip (Tier 6, Distortion Detonator warhead)
  • Secondary cannons: 30 mm radar-guided airburst round, 30 mm HE flak round, 30 mm armor-piercing round, 30 mm HEAA(High Explosive Anti Armor) round, 30 mm flechette round, 15 mm sabot penetration round

Hopper missile system

The Hopper system has the following ammo types

  • High-Velocity Kinetic: The HVK Missiles are designed to simply ram straight into an enemy at their maximum velocity, doing damage through sheer kinetic impact. Tier 6 damage is transferred through the impact to pilots and internal systems. The warhead's color is grey.
  • Armor Piercing: Armor Piercing warheads are designed to pierce armor more effectively than standard kinetic warheads. They deal tier 6 damage. The warhead's color is red.
  • Shield Piercing: Shield Piercing warheads are designed to pierce shields more effectively than standard kinetic warheads. They deal tier 6 damage. The warhead's color is yellow with a red stripe.
  • Nodal Sensor: This warhead's purpose is to deliver a nodal drone to the objective to provide sensor information, communications, and targeting data to allied forces. The warhead's color is white.
  • Electronic Warfare: This warhead is similar to the Nodal sensor, however instead it delivers a specialized electronic warfare drone to the target to conduct broader and more powerful sensor jamming and communications disruptions. The warhead's color is violet.

Vehicle Complement

Lenna does not know what can fit into the bays, What is listed is what the Sobek is currently carrying.




Ground vehicels


OOC Info

Approval Thread

This page was created by Damaske on 11, 10 2021 at 17:40 using the Starship Template Form.
Original art made by Damaske in DOGA.
Ship art Remake by Kai in DOGA.
Floor plan made by Damaske in Paint(dot)net.

  • To get a maximum of 24 months of range from the Sobek nearly half of the cargo bay must be used for storage of the extra supplies.
  • To reach the Maximum 8-year maintenance cycles there must be crewed maintenance done every 6 months to a year.
  • To achieve max refit cycle deep crew maintenance must be done every 4 months past the 10-year mark.
  • Current Quicksilver armor thickness: 6.25cm (1/4 total thickness of 25cm)
Places of the SARPiverse
Place Categoriesstarship
1) , 6)
Shuttle bay connected to main cargo by means of an elevator and launch opening
Main cargo bay spread over decks 4, 5, and 6
Engineering takes up decks 4, 5, and 6
Sub-light Drive takes up decks 4, 5, and 6
Hyperspace and CCD drives take up decks 4, 5, and 6
“Quicksilver” will be considered Yamatium
“PlaSteel crystalline matrix” will be considered Yama-Dura alloy
“Plasteel” will be considered Durandaium alloy
comparable to Star Army Mini-Missiles, Type 4

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