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Kuvexian Advance of YE 42

The Kuvexian Advance of YE 42 is a series of military advances by the forces and businesses of the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia in YE 42 as part of the Kuvexian War as they work primarily against the Yamatai Star Empire to become the new masters of the sector.


In YE 41, the Kuvexian Interstellar Navy (KIN) made considerable gains in the Kikyo Sector, taking most of the Southwest corner (the part that is coreward and counter-clockwise to the Kagami Galaxy), and taking over the Ketsurui Military Sector entirely.

Seeking to capitalize on and expand on the wins of the YE 41 Invasion, the KIN began a new large-scale advance through the Kikyo Sector in YE 42 starting in the third month of the Yamataian Calendar.

At the same time, corporations initiated their own land grabs and began setting up colonies on the systems liberated from the Yamatai Star Empire and other governments, creating Kuvexian colonies or nominally neutral colonies like Sood Zadra.

Ether Base on planet Ether was raided by Kuvexians killing all Star Army personnel there.

The Kuvexian Interstellar Navy then successfully attacked and took over the resource-rich Jun system and Scrapyard System.

Starting to run low on supplies and seeing a need to force a decisive battle with Yamatai, the Kuvexians attacked Nataria in 4月 in the Third Battle Of Nataria.

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