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YE 42

YE 42 is the current in-character Yamataian Calendar year. It began on January 1, 2020.


The Kuvexian War enters its fifth and deadliest year. In the aftermath of the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41, the Kikyo Sector is thrown into chaos as the Star Army of Yamatai and other military forces struggle to defend their planets without sacrificing their remaining starships to the massive enemy fleet, and space travel is plagued by Kuvexian piracy. As Kuvexian settlers set up on the captured worlds, they are undermined by insurgencies led by fighters and citizens stuck behind enemy lines…

Notable Events


Star Army Events


  • Former captain of 1st assault fleet forces, Lysander Calloway promoted late in YE 41 to the rank of admiral in charge of 3rd assault fleet forces performs a desperate gamble to hold off a mass of kuvexian backed mercenaries from raiding the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse by staving them off for just over a month through the use of hit and run tactics and planetside batteries to ambush enemy ships and forces.
  • Notorious Crime group ironically named Crimefest continues a spring of daring heists and criminal acts across Planet Nepleslia under the command of the mastermind Ayla Sozon and her crew of degenerates.
  • The Roger Wilco City based 13th Precinct DTR team discovers and dismantles an illegal Black Syndicate funded lab kidnapping young children and turning them into mutants for research. In the process, a cult worshipping a Lorrfolk as a deity of their demonic god was stopped and a kidnapped Lorr was returned back to yamatai after a vacation gone wrong ended in internment in the cult.

Products Released in YE 42

These are some products released in YE 42. This list is automatic. To update it edit the release year in struct fields on the product page.

Tokyo Brewing Company
Tokyo Brewing Company
Tokyo Brewing Company
Ursarus Heavy Support DroneBlack Wing Enterprises
BjornskaldBlack Wing Enterprises
Bjornskald RoundsBlack Wing Enterprises
"Judge" Variable RevolverBlack Wing Enterprises
CSW-S1-C1 "Daedalus" Fabrication ModuleConclave Ship Works
CSW-C3-C2 Ghost ChamberConclave Ship Works
"Mithril" Military BodysuitConclave Ship Works
Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Integrally Suppressed Automatic CarbineGalactic Horizon
Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm QuakeGalactic Horizon
Galactic Horizon 18x63mm BighornGalactic Horizon
Dracrei ShipyardsMining Guild
Mining Guild SettlementMining Guild
MG-Y Habitat "Omacron"Mining Guild
Banshee-class Strike FrameNoval Heavy Industries
NH-H1 Hibiscus-Class Mobile Space StationNoval Heavy Industries
NH-M-M4 "ARCO"Noval Heavy Industries
NH-M-M1 "SCALE"Noval Heavy Industries
NH-M-M2 "Orchestra"Noval Heavy Industries
NH-M-M3 "Crescendo"Noval Heavy Industries
NH-Y2 Remora-class Utility CraftNoval Heavy Industries
NH-Y3 Guppy-class Exploration and Utility CraftNoval Heavy Industries
NH-Y-1 Mola-class Exploration VesselNoval Heavy Industries
Hephaestus Class Industrial VesselOsman Heavy Industries
Skylyte/T11 TanukiKetsurui Fleet Yards, Origin Industries
Asuga-Class TugYugumo Corporation
Misha-Class ExplorerYugumo Corporation
Shuryoku-Class Super FreighterYugumo Corporation
Starchaser III-Class FerryYugumo Corporation
Anthroform Drone Berth, Type 42Yugumo Corporation
Hoshi II Series Turbo Plasma Drives, Type 42Yugumo Corporation
Kaminari Quantum Foam Generators, Type 42Yugumo Corporation
MIKO Electronics SuiteYugumo Corporation
Mizu II Series Continuum Distortion Drives, Type 42Yugumo Corporation
Yumeoibito Hyperspace Fold Drive, Type 42Yugumo Corporation
Zen .45 Kendo SpecialZen Armaments
Spectre-class Stealth CruiserConclave Ship Works
Cobra GunshipNepleslian Arms and Munitions
Isolated Computer PadKessaku Systems
Ke-S3-F4200 Hangar Deck PackageKetsurui Fleet Yards
Star Army Step Ladder, Type 42Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Heitan-Class (1B) CarrierKetsurui Fleet Yards
Nodal Liquid Conduit SystemKetsurui Zaibatsu
Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 42Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 42Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Light Surface Terrain Vehicle, Type 42Origin Industries, Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Ke-M13-W4272 Heavy Armor RifleSakura Machinery, Ketsurui Fleet Yards

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