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News and updates about the site and the Star Army Community (OOC)

Star Army on Pinterest

Look, I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Pinterest because of its terrible user controls like changing what your right click does and so on, and because for years its images seemed to dominate Google Image results, forcing you to click through Pinterest hell instead of getting to the source of images, but hey: Star Army needs all the advertising it can get, especially if it's free, that way we can bring in more good players to roleplay with us. In the interest of letting the world...

May 2024 Updates

GMs: I am extending RP reviews to the 15th.

Wiki people: Phaseout of the 2023 or older WIPs is pushed back to August 1st.

Movie night tonight!

Community meeting tomorrow night!

Thanks everyone and keep the posts coming, for every post I'm donating a quarter to the USO for military appreciation month!

Military Appreciation Month (May 2024)

Hi Star Army! With so much going on in the world in terms of conflict around the world, I want to take a moment to thank all the soldiers out there working in the armed forces, and our veterans on Star Army who served in the military. To show my thanks, for the month of May from today until the end of the month, for every post on the forum, I will donate $0.25 to the USO to send care packages to deployed US Military soldiers.

Last time we did this in March 2023 we raised $132.25 and I...

Spring Events on Star Army

Here's the plan for upcoming events on Star Army:
  • Sunday, March 10 @ 1pm PST: YSS Kaiyo II JP - Mission 29 hosted by Ametheliana
  • Monday, March 11 @ 1pm PST: YSS Kaiyo II JP - Mission 29 hosted by Ametheliana
  • Tuesday, March 12 @ 8:30pm EST: Resurgence of Yamatai JP Night: Mission 12 hosted by Wes
  • Wednesday, March 13@ 1pm PST: YSS Kaiyo II JP - Mission 29 hosted by Ametheliana
  • Wednesday, March 13@ 8:30pm EST: Star Army Admirals Meeting JP hosted by Wes
  • Thursday, March 14...
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