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Star ArmyⓇ is a landmark of forum roleplaying. Opened in 2002, Star Army is like an internet clubhouse for people who love roleplaying, art, and worldbuilding. Anyone 18 or older may join for free. New members are welcome! Use the "Register" button below.

Note: This is a play-by-post RPG site. If you're looking for the tabletop miniatures wargame "5150: Star Army" instead, see Two Hour Wargames.

  • If you were supposed to get an email from the forum but didn't (e.g. to verify your account for registration), email Wes at [email protected] or talk to me on Discord for help. Sometimes the server hits our limit of emails we can send per hour.
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  • 📅 October and November 2023 are YE 45.8 in the RP.


News and updates about the site and the Star Army Community (OOC)

Year-End Festival 2nd Annual SARP for Toys for Tots!

Let's make this a tradition! Last year we donated $400 to Toys For Tots to give kids the joy of getting a gift for the holidays.

Once again I am going to donate to Toys for Tots charity this year on behalf of Star Army.

Last night after midnight the post count was 372,328. For every forum post then until 11:59pm EDT on November 30, I will donate $0.25 up to $250 or 1000 posts. Try to make them RP posts!


Presenting Very Best of Star Army: The 2023 SARPY Awards!

It was another good year for Star Army! We gained new members, opened new plots, started a new war, and kept things going through IRL challenges. Now it's time to recognize people's efforts! During this last couple of weeks everyone had a chance to nominate and vote on awards for the best of this year in a number of categories. Every vote counted!


So, without further ado, here are your winners for the 2023 SARPY Award Winners!
  • Best Player Character of 2023: Hoshi...

Principles of Communicating on Star Army

Let's talk about how to have successful, safe, and pleasant communication in SARP.
  1. The Star Army Roleplay Forum is the primary way people should communicate about SARP. Any major discussions and "official business" (like FM changes, policy changes, setting additions) can be discussed on the forum. Only forum activity is counted for activity check purposes, and approvals for things like setting submissions are only available on the forum.
  2. The Star Army Discord server is a secondary...

November + December Updates for Star Army

Working to Keep Star Army Fast

Okay, so this is kind of a grab bag of notes from your friendly webmaster to keep you informed of what's going on. On October 25th, our site traffic drastically rose. This wasn't because we got a video made about us by Spacedock or The Templin Institute or were linked on Reddit, it was a rush of mysterious bot traffic from Singapore that increased traffic by over 40%, slowing down the server and causing intermittent outages. We also ran out of disk space. In response, I shelled out the cash...