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News and updates about the site and the Star Army Community (OOC)

Summer of SARP: July Plot Review 2023 Bonus Structure Change

Attention Game Masters and Players!

For the Summer of SARP we will be doing a special new bonus structure for our plot review in July!

The plot that preforms the best in the July Plot Review will get a special Cameo Shoutout thanks to @Wes .​

Bonus Structure for July 2023 Plot Reviews​

(1 Point Each unless otherwise stated. 10 points possible)
  • Your plot represented in an open roleplay (up to two points, one per thread)
  • You as a GM started an open...

The Summer of SARP

Hey Star Army!

We've been running continuously for over 20 years now and I want to celebrate that and help you all have a wonderful summer here as part of this great community. So I'm doing a special event this summer, all summer long, to make sure there's always great things happening.


Here's what to expect in the Summer of SARP:
  • Community JP nights on some Thursdays
    • Kikyo no Sekku
    • Ocean Day
  • Movie Nights on most Fridays (sometimes Saturdays)
    • ...
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AI-Assisted Replies Available

Hello Star Army!

Have you ever dealt with writer's block? Ever needed some inspiration for a post? Well, we have a new tool to help.

Site Supporters can now use ChatGPT to get suggested replies to threads. Just use the ChatGPT Reply button next to the quote button. I've tried it out and it actually works pretty well!


This will also help users with physical disabilities like nerve damage that make it hard to type.

As with any tool, please use responsibly. Remember it's just...