• It's 6月 YE 43 for November and December. IC months advance every 2 OOC months.


News and updates about the site and the Star Army Community (OOC)

Upcoming "Abort" Option for Extended-Timeflow IC Calendar

Star Army previously voted to try aligning IC time to have 1 in-character month for every 2 OOC months. With 9 IC months this meant that every 3 OOC years we'd have 2 IC years. The "slower" pace was intended to allow more to happen each year and to reduce the amount of plots "falling behind" in previous years.

While the calendar achieves its purposes decently, the major hangup is that it's been annoying not having the IC and OOC holidays synced.

Now that we've had time to try this time...

🪖 Veteran's Day Art Raffle 🎖️

Hi Star Army,

To celebrate Veterans Day I am holding another art raffle! There's no cost to enter, just have a character who's active in RP.

Each entry should include:
  • a link to your character page on the Star Army WIki
  • a link to an recent RP thread they appeared in the last 30 days.
  • a pose idea or expression
  • the outfit you want them wearing (uniforms preferred)
Characters from all factions on SARP are welcome.

Requests must be received by 8pm Eastern on Thursday...

🎖️ Star Army Veterans Day Ceremony 🪖

Star Army will have a brief Veterans Day ceremony/celebration tonight, November 11, at 9pm EST in our Discord server.

If you served in the military IRL and want to be recognized during it, please send me a forum conversation with your branch of service. You do not have to provide any personal information.

November Events Calendar

What's Star Army doing in November? Here's what:
  • Resurgence JP night every Tuesday 8:30pm-10pm EST
  • Annual Tournament of Thread Necromancy, November 8 to 12 (better late than never)
  • Star Army Veterans Day celebration, November 11 at 9pm-9:30pm EST
  • Star Army Community Meeting Friday, November 12 at 8:00pm-9pm EST
  • Represent Star Army at Fallfest (Discord-based mini-convention) Saturday November 13
NEW OR RETURNING PLAYERS: Let's get you into the RP (or back into the RP)...


Happy October, Star Army!

As part of our October events we're thanking our loyal roleplayers for staying active by getting some art commissioned for of people's characters. To get a chance at getting this art, please respond in this thread with
  • a link to your character page
  • the plot they're active in (or any RP thread they're in within the last month such as an Open RP)
  • a pose idea or expression
  • the outfit you want them wearing (doesn't have to be Halloween themed, can be a...