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Star ArmyⓇ is a landmark of forum roleplaying. Opened in 2002, Star Army is like an internet clubhouse for people who love roleplaying, art, and worldbuilding. Anyone 18 or older may join for free. New members are welcome! Use the "Register" button below.

Note: This is a play-by-post RPG site. If you're looking for the tabletop miniatures wargame "5150: Star Army" instead, see Two Hour Wargames.

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News and updates about the site and the Star Army Community (OOC)

Star Army Community Meeting - April 10, 2021 (SATURDAY!)

Hey Star Army!

My mom is coming in from out of town today and she'll be here Friday night at the usual meeting time so I'm pushing back the meeting to Saturday night instead so I can be fully here for it.

Join in the voice chat on Discord and come together as a community. If you can join in (even if it's just listening or in the accompanying text channel) I'd love to have you there!

When: Saturday, April 10, 2021 at
  • 8pm/2000 hours Eastern (EDT)
  • 5pm/1700 hours Pacific
  • 2400Z...

Star Army Trivia Night - Saturday Night

Join us for the first
(at least the first in a long time)

hosted by Wes

This Saturday Night, April 3rd
10pm-11pm EDT (7pm-8pm PDT)

Join Wes on Discord to test your knowledge of obscure and interesting Star Army lore for fun and...

With Love From The Star Army Wiki: Randomness

I have a wonderful surprise for you guys!

This is something not just for you, but for all of our fellow roleplaying communities running Dokuwiki. What is it? Star Army just paid for its first custom-made Dokuwiki plugin! I paid the developer of Dokuwiki, Andreas Gohr, to make a custom plugin that randomly displays text from a list of options. This is going to let us make wiki pages where parts of them are different on each page load - so now we can make a page called "Random Nekovalkyrja"...

Wiki De-Cluttering for the New Year

The wiki is where Star Army stores the knowledge of our vast shared universe. We want it to be interesting, fun, easy to use and navigate, and up-to-date. As part of these goals, Star Army has a wiki staff that is regularly conducting edits to maintain the wiki is good shape. This includes finding fixing or removing broken links, linking or removing orphan...

Important Privacy Note - "Real Name" Field on the Wiki

Hey Star Army!

I wanted to address an important privacy issue that has turned up a couple times. When you register a wiki account on Star Army there's an option for your display name that's called Real Name, which is the default language that the software uses for that field. The Real Name field is used mainly for credit and copyright ownership purposes (as in who does this work belong to).

Because a lot of people are uncomfortable putting their real name out there, yet have put it in that...