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  • Okay, so, how long are we going to ignore Soresu being in trouble? If I can donate to help SARP, I can donate to help a friend.
    Doshii Jun
    Doshii Jun
    Just saw this. Where can we help, Soresu? We need to know.
    Geez. Doshii's wife is in labor, and ever since he's made his update, I've been biting my nails. Really hope it goes well.
    Getting a rainy christmas in Montreal is all sorts of wierd. And then, it'll freeze, and walking outside will become a health hazard.
    Not sure if you'll getting trolled or trolling with me, but in case you're actually angry about the smell thing, I remind you to check your calendar and to be aware of a certain annual tradition involving seriously-delivered jokes and pranks on this calendar day.
    In a few posts, you'll have 8000 posts on Star Army's forum. Congratulations and thank you!
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