Star Army

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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)


  1. Blizzard

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 16: Early-Life Crisis

    YSS Kaiyo II Med-bay Early YE 41 Gravity stepped down the corridors of the ship with a silent determination, using sheer discipline to keep those hellish, confusing emotions she felt at bay. Just a few minutes prior, she'd been sitting in the observation deck, staring at the stars beyond and...
  2. Blizzard

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Fourteen: Sandwiches and Romance Novels

    YSS Kaiyo Mid YE 40 Sacre sat on her bed, in her hands was a piece of wood and a wood carving knife. She had a whole set wrapped in a scroll sitting on the table beside her. She was carefully making a design for a knife handle that would go with some of her Damascus experiments. Her tail was...