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  1. Toshiro

    Life Events Andrew in hospital, expects laptop access on night of 5/13

    I've been in Discord contact with Andrew, and late on 5/12 he had to go to the hospital. As of today (5/13), he is admitted and isolated with Candida auris and has a severe upper respiratory infection. He already has a weakened immune system, which is a contributing factor. He expects to have...
  2. Arbitrated

    RP: YSS Imperator [Post-Imperator] TLC

    YSS Imperator Bridge It was the shift in watch. Up in the Captain's chair, the Taisa looked up towards the front 'screens' projected onto the wall. He really didn't need to, they were still in the dockyards getting repairs done from their last engagement. A lot of things had changed for him...