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Life Events Andrew in hospital, expects laptop access on night of 5/13


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I've been in Discord contact with Andrew, and late on 5/12 he had to go to the hospital. As of today (5/13), he is admitted and isolated with Candida auris and has a severe upper respiratory infection. He already has a weakened immune system, which is a contributing factor. He expects to have his laptop by tonight and does not expect it to interrupt his presence on the site, but please be understanding.
I did a quick google search on it and I hope his is not drug-resistant and the infection is able to be treated. Good luck to you, Andrew. Thank you for informing us, Toshiro.
I've just been informed by Andrew that he is in full relapse. The Leukemia is back. He's being transferred tonight or tomorrow to a hospital which is better equipped to handle this new development.
Andrew's been such a great part of this community and a true friend with me. It greatly pains me to hear that he's stuck in another battle for his life against this damned cancer. We just got to take things day by day. Andrew will be stuck in the hospital for at least a while, but the beauty of the web is that we can still be with him communication-wise and help keep him company there during his downtime. Let's, as a community, make sure Andrew knows he's not alone and that we're thinking of him. Some ways are helping with his wiki work or doing JPs or RPs with Katsuko, or just chatting in Discord and being a friend.
Damn. I'd say more, but I'm kind of speechless in this situation. Best of luck, Andrew. I hope you'll pull through quickly.
I mentioned in the Discord, but I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. I hope things go well for you.
Being transferred here in about an hour between hospitals. Thank you all for your love
I have arrived at Vancouver General Hospital and into the T-15 Leukemia and BMT Ward. This will be home base for a while. Prepare yourself for engaging things like nurse pranks, nurse spanks and don't forget nurse ganks! Nah in all seriousness I am in good hands, Vancouver, BC has one of the best Leukemia/BMT programs in the county, this is my first relapse since I was diagnosed in January of 2018. No comas this time, I'll be putting my neutrophil soldiers into their Mindy's and sending them to fight the evil Leukemia blasts. Victory for the Star Army!

Thank you, everyone, for your love and support.
So an update for today;

  • I had my bone marrow aspirate, and it confirmed the results of the peripheral blood tests that my AML Leukemia is no longer in remission. It also showed the cells are resistant to previously administered treatments and it's going to be much harder than last time to get remission. The survival rate isn't good...
  • I had a nuclear medicine scan on my heart, which confirms my heart is strong enough for chemo.
  • my doctors and I are discussing a very aggressive strategy to get me into remission which will then be followed up with an allogeneic stem cell transplant. I don't have a lot of donor options so, this is going to be very very risky.
  • The good news is, ill at least when I feel well enough will be here.
Tell your doctors to go as hard as they can and do whatever they can, Ask about experimental options too. There's no worse outcome than what you are already facing so you have nothing to lose except for your time.

Keep us posted and stay positive. We're all wishing you well and anticipating your recovery.
Just checking in, the second day of induction chemo today. I think once I get a little more used to these treatments I can carry on where I left off, just been a lot of tests and scans ontop of everything the last few days.