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Life Events Andrew in hospital, expects laptop access on night of 5/13


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It’s so easy for me to get caught up in my own life that I had no idea you were going through this @Andrew. It’s truly inspiring to see that against all odds you’re keeping it together and fighting back.
Keep strong, my friend.
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Update - Cleared Day 40 (40 days since transplant) It has been a while since I updated you all.

Things are getting better slowly, but have not been free of complications. So far all signs show the stem cell transplant worked. My blood type has shifted to match my donor's (from O negative to O positive) and they have confirmed Graft vs. Leukemia effect which has confirmed the donor cells have killed off residual disease. So far there are no signs of acute GVHD of any significance.

The biggest hurdle at the moment is the immunosuppression drugs which are designed to prevent rejection and GVHD itself, it seems to be a twice a week struggle at my outpatient clinic appointments to get these drug levels in check, which causes things like skin rashes, itching, the feeling of my own tears burning my eyes and other what I consider to be minor things that go along with the already existant aches and pains of a ravaged body. I keep dropping weight at an almost uncomfortable rate (as some of you know before all of this I was a fairly fluffy guy, and thats melting ...not all a bad thing, but the rate is a bit disturbing).

Yesterday it was confirmed I've contracted a virus, and they've put me on a different anti-viral drug (one not covered by insurance/Canadian health care) which cost me a whopping sticker price of $1600.00. My savings account is crying but such is the fun of being medically messed up, on disability and fighting what I am fighting. Anyway, hopefully, the medicine will work, I certainly feel better with my first few doses of it. Will know more Friday.

My immune system is slowly rebuilding, I spend a lot of my time sleeping. Anyway....It is my hope to return to SARP in the next 30-60 days depending on how recovery progresses. "Day 100" is an important checkpoint in recovery from an allogeneic unrelated transplant, it will also mark the day that I ring the bell at the clinic if I am still Leukemia-free.

Anyway, I hope you are all well. I still have discord on my phone and laptop so feel free to drop me a line. To those like @Toshiro @Wes , I can't wait to get back to Katsuko's story and continue where we left off.


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I'm very glad to hear the update and I'm really glad that you're recovering. You're such a strong dude having been through all this and I am super proud of you. Keep going and being amazing. We certainly haven't forgotten you or your characters and whenever you feel ready you're welcome back. In the meantime I will keep sending you little things I'm working on and art I made.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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There ye go, Progress!

And all that treatment must have been harsh on ye and im sure exhausting!

As for your weight thats to be expected. Your body is undergoing alot right now and is burning fat and famine tissue to give your body more energy to boost its immune system and natural functions to fight off the foreign invaders that are these medicines, treatments, radiations, etc. Your body doesn't know they are there to help right away after all and will attack any outside agent good or bad.


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Andrew! Awesome to hear from you buddy! I'm glad things are progressing toward a better position it seems and can't wait till you get back here! I've been itching to use Eri and can't wait to pick the story up again, but what's important is you're good and healthy of course!