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  1. V115_MSuit.png


    New flat style art of V115 wearing the classic NDC suit and jacket.
  2. Yandere

    RP Game Theory: Day 3

    For the past two days the Duskerian Legion and the C.A.F.F. have been engaged in the operation Dawn's Light, a military war game designed to test how well the two branches of the military can operate together under stress and time pressure. To undertake this test forces were taken from each...
  3. ShadowWalker

    Missing person's report: Lisa Alice Ironhart

    MISSING PERSON REPORT Nepleslian and NDC network CASE NUMBER: 000085-07B-YE44 Date Reported: YE44 Time Reported: 19:20 Reporting Officer: Ty Sibo Unit Number: 003 Assisting Officer: N/A Unit Number: N/A MISSING PERSON 1 Name: Lisa Alice Ironhart...
  4. Alex Hart

    [CONCLAVE BROADCASTING NETWORK] Council of Six Passes Sentient Rights Bill

    The camera displays a fairly attractive middle aged man sitting at a desk in a TV studio, he pauses for a moment before beginning to speak. “Welcome to CBN! Today's top story concerns the new Sentient Rights bill, which was passed today by the Council of Six in a unanimous decision after nearly...
  5. Alex Hart

    Approved Submission NDC Erebus Frigate and variants

    A T10 frigate with two variants, a lore article, and an interior compartment article. (Yes, I've checked all of the variants to assure that they're DRv3 compliant)
  6. Whisper

    Seeing Red: Exploring possible Reds assistance in the NDC's cloning program

    Hello everyone! @Charmaylarg Dufrain mentioned a while back that the Reds might be an interesting element to add into the NDC's growing cloning efforts, given that they have extensive knowledge in the field and occasionally operate in a mercenary fashion. I don't think that the NDC needs to...
  7. Alex Hart

    SYNC From: Osman Heavy Industries. To: NDC Department Of Engineering

    From: Osman Heavy Industries. To: NDC Department Of Engineering Subj: Offer on Multipurpose utility mecha Dear Director Isabelle Pine, We at the marketing department of Osman Heavy Industries hope this message finds you well with the dawning of this new year. While the new year is often a time...