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SYNC From: Osman Heavy Industries. To: NDC Department Of Engineering

Alex Hart

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RP Date
Ichigatsu YE 42
From: Osman Heavy Industries.
To: NDC Department Of Engineering
Subj: Offer on Multipurpose utility mecha

Dear Director Isabelle Pine,
We at the marketing department of Osman Heavy Industries hope this message finds you well with the dawning of this new year. While the new year is often a time of celebration, progress never rests, especially not on worlds as quickly developing as those in the New Dusk Conclave! While traditional heavy machinery can often be extremely effective at a very narrow band of tasks, the cost of buying and maintaining a full fleet of construction vehicles can be prohibitively expensive, particularly when working on such a large scale as several planets.

Because our company has had mutually beneficial arrangements with your nation in the past, a special offer is being extended. To help speed along the development of your worlds, we would like to offer you a 30% discount on bulk purchases of our multipurpose platform. Its versatility, ease of repair, and long uptimes should prove extremely useful.

Best Regards,
Osman Heavy Industries Marketing Department.



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From: NDC Department Of Engineering
Subj: Re: Offer on Multipurpose utility mecha

On behalf of the New Dusk Conclave, thank you for your offer. I approve of the deal and will connect you to a BWE representative to handle the purchase as our merchant liason.

Director Isabelle Pine