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  1. Locked_0ut

    SYNC Official Request for Proposal-OHI-NGFP

    TO: Leo Gerrick -Osman Heavy Industries CC: Maya Rowe FROM: Pierre Ruike Chui- Next Generation Fighter Program Working Group Good Morning, In recognition of your firms prowess in designing fighters, especially small craft sub systems and weapons, we would like to formally invite Osman Heavy...
  2. Locked_0ut

    SYNC Expanding the Next Generation Fighter Project Working Group

    FROM: Chui Pierre Ruike-Next Generation Fighter Project Working Group TO: Star Army Research Administration Testing Division, 1st Rikugun Test and Evaluation Battalion, Star Army Materiel Acquisitions Division CC: Tagged to various NAV-Strike rated pilots, Fighter and air ground warfare...
  3. Locked_0ut

    SYNC NGFP Next Step

    FROM: Chui Pierre Ruike-Next Generation Fighter Project Working Group TO: Star Army Research Administration Development Division CC: Star Army Logistics Material Acquisitions Division Good morning, With a growing number of outside bidders for the NGFP, the NGFP Working Group would like to...
  4. Locked_0ut

    SYNC Hello fellow fighter enjoyer

    TO: Maya Rowe FROM: Pierre Ruike Hi Maya, I don’t know if you remember me, we met at that conference on Sirris last year. I was the little Rikugun officer with the antlers. We went out for drinks with that big group of D.O.M.A. guys. That’s beside the point. I just want to pick your brain. If...
  5. Locked_0ut

    SYNC Let's grab coffee

    To: Iemochi Seinosuke of the YSS Resurgence From: Pierre Ruike Rikugun Test and Evaluation Battalion Good Afternoon Iemochi-san, I can’t help but agree that we need to see major changes to the structure of Yamatai’s MIC. I’m currently in Kyoto for the senate session, but I’m probably...
  6. Locked_0ut

    SYNC Next Generation Fighter Program

    From: Pierre Ruike Chui Rikugun Test and Evaluations Batallion To: SARA Open proposal to discuss Star Army Fighter needs before requesting permission to open official contract bids and trials. The Rikugun Test and Eval Battalion has identified a need for a dedicated Rikugun strike fighter...