• 📅 January 2022 is YE 45.1 in the RP.


  1. Ethereal

    SYNC ~~~ ALERT: Regional Readiness Condition Elevation ~~~

    TO: Star Army Command, 1F Command, 1XF Command, 7F Command, 4F Command CC: 5F Command, Star Army Operations Command, Star Army Intelligence Command, Star Army Special Operations Command, 2F Command, 3F Command ~~~ WARNING -- AUTHENTICATED ALERT DETECTED -- READINESS CONDITION INCREASE --...
  2. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Star Army Readiness Conditions

    Hi all, As per usual, I spotted the old Readiness Condition page could use some love. https://stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=stararmy:readiness_condition I humbly submit my updated version, complete with optional emissions controls and impact/collision alarm. Additionally, it provides a system...
  3. Ethereal

    SYNC Establishing Readiness Levels

    TO: Star Army Operations Command, Star Army Operations FROM: Chujo Iemochi, SOCOM, Star Army Special Operations **Taisho Eyes Only** To whom it may concern, The recent news of the 'Swarmtide' broke while SASO Command were discussing unrelated current operations. We've been alerting our...