• 📅 January 2022 is YE 45.1 in the RP.

SYNC Establishing Readiness Levels


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YE 44.2
TO: Star Army Operations Command, Star Army Operations
FROM: Chujo Iemochi, SOCOM, Star Army Special Operations

**Taisho Eyes Only**

To whom it may concern,

The recent news of the 'Swarmtide' broke while SASO Command were discussing unrelated current operations.

We've been alerting our forces that there may be a storm coming, using our own internal alerts system for nonspecific threats.

I'm forwarding you some copies of the alert systems we use.

It may be useful to create some kind of readiness system for the whole of the SAOY.

Kind regards.



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To: Chujo Iemochi, SOCOM
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

Chujo Iemochi,

Thank you for your suggestion. I plan to implement it.


Ketsurui Yui
Commander, Star Army of Yamatai