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RP: SFS A Traditional Lewis Pasco Drinking Game


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Corporal Laura Romero gathered her squad around Harmonious Solarsailor, who had been painted by red and green by the overzealous Junker drones.

"It is Lewis Pasco Day!" Laura announced loudly. Bernhard had a sinking feeling when he noticed Laura standing on a crate, her feet covering the letters save for a W and Y.

"I don't have any guns to give away so there. That means it is time for the second most traditional thing on Lewis Pasco Day! We drink until all of us are under the table! Last one standing wins!"

"Tell me that's all," Bernhard sighed, shaking his head.

"Oh no! There's more! To see who drinks in each round, we shall be playing 'Never Have I Ever!'" Laura laughed evilly. Bernhard opened his mouth to protest and stopped. They were doomed, no matter what.

Laura got off the crate and forced open the crate filled with whiskey bottles. "A card from Admiral Valken! 'Corporal Romero, please drink responsibly.' Okay, boys and girls, take one and drink responsibly!"

After forcing each member of the unit to take and open a bottle for themselves, Laura started the game. "Never have I ever had a sibling!"


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Initially perplexed as to why their fearless leader would be gathering them so informally, Elijah suddenly understood the grave danger their privacy was in when he saw the box Laura had been standing on.

Oh man. It was Lewis Pasco day, and nobody had any guns to exchange that weren't safely esconced in armories or lockers. So what did that leave? The great maritime tradition of getting completely schwacked on firewater, of course! The announcement that not only would they be drinking, but playing 'Never Have I Ever' also disheartened the humble marine, who had initially planned to nurse his bottle until everyone was too drunk to stop him from leaving.

The game, as they say, was afoot. The box was prised open, a letter from Admiral Valken (that Admiral Valken?) read, and everyone had a good-sized bottle pressed into their hands.

It seemed none of them would be respecting the good admiral's wishes tonight.

Eli expertly opened his bottle with a deft twist of his hands, smelling the whisky experimentally. It was good stuff, better than the rotgut alcohol he'd made most of his life (and was currently making in the engineering decks - he hoped he didn't stink too much from the process at the moment, having been called away from the first batch of 'Jah Love' produced on the Ulfbert) but it was undeniably strong. It was a drink that admirals apparently indulged in when they wanted to get shitfaced - why expect anything less than the best?

He grumbled at Laura's opening shot, taking a large swig from the neck of the bottle.

"Dat ain't 'ardly fair, Corporal." Eli said, showing no noticeable reaction from the slug of whisky, "Ev'ryone knows yeh came of de assembly line at NSMC boot camp, seh yea. 'Sembled you on de spot from spare parts stitched together, den taught ye deh right and left face, mon."

An expectant silence followed his words. "What?"

Gears clicked in his brain - squeeks could be heard as his mental hamster completed rotations on his neurological wheel. "Oh, shit, dat means I an' I is next, don't it?"

Laura had established the precendent. This was a no-holds-barred game of Never Have I Ever, with no quarter given or expected. Quite possibly, this could be the greatest test of Elijah's ability to hold his drink in his adult life - he had no intention of losing before he dragged half his squad to a hangover alongside him.

Normally, Marines were loathe to admite inexperience, but Elijah saw a way of equalizing the opening shot. No dignity was to be spared if victory was to be assured.

"Never 'ave I evah..." Eli said, with a pause that seemed to hold great gravity, "...worn a suit of power armor in combat.


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Arc stared into the amber liquid for a long time, ignoring the rest of the group. This was something he had not done before and it seemed everyone but him knew the rules. The cap of the bottle rolled across his knuckles as he turned the bottle this way and that. He barely registered that Garvey was looking at him and so Arc looked up at the group. They had both said things that they had not done. What this meant, Arc did not know. What this celebration was about, he did not know. Surprise, Surprise.

With one deft movement Arceins flipped the cap of the bottle up, catching it between his thumb and index finger before screwing it onto the bottle before placing the bottle down. Arc tapped his temple and traced a long scar that slid across his skull. “No knowledge of my life before Roundhouse. Blessing, curse?” Arc shrugged, it was the Nepleslians who caused his pain and trouble, not the NMX. Arceins picked up the bottle and tossed it towards the Corporal. “I do not drink.” With that he stalked off in the direction of some Junker drones who were dragging around their latest batch of supplies. If everyone was determined to lounge around, Arc would let them. Since the surgery Arc found that he was predisposed to keep moving. Plus, he glanced towards one of the screens showing the endless black of space tarnished by the station they orbited and the many ships going two and fro, there was too much to consider without being addled by alcohol.


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Linda was gathered along with the Marines, wondering just what sort of foolishness Laura was planing. The IPG Operator was fully aware what day it was, and she was just as aware of how much Marines liked to celebrate so she had been expecting something. However when she heard Laura mention that they would be playing 'Never Have I Ever', her face turned grim and serious. However that expression was only there for a moment before it returned to her neutral expression.

She was somewhat surprised to hear that the card was from Admiral Valken, it meant he sent the beer in the first place. She could only sigh at Laura's response to it though. "I do not think your definition of 'responsibly' and everyone else's definition line up very well Corporal."

Though she said that she did not stop her from handing her the beer and seemed to be playing along, she did not drink though on Laura's turn. However when Eli's turn came she did take a drink, but that was only natural, she was a Marine before she was IPG, and even as an IPG she had a couple of times where she had to dawn power armor. "You do not hold back with your turn either Private Garvey." She spoke in Eli's direction and then took a moment of pause.

"Never have I ever...forgot my pants." Wait she was really going to play? Though her question was a little out there she wasn't ready to start revealing too much personal information to them yet.


Eir was behind the Corporal when she made her big introduction. She had always liked Lewis Pasco day, people where generally in positive spirits with drinking games abound. Never Have I ever , on the other hand, was a very very dangerous drinking game. Last time she had played it she was very young, and her and a few girlfriends had gotten horribly drunk off two bottles of wine.

This time around though she was passed a bottle of whiskey. As she screwed off the cap and got a whiff of the contents inside, she suspected she would be skipping her morning workout. By chance she didn't have a sibling , and the one true battle she was in was in power armor, so she had a chance to avoid the opening shots.

Unfortunately , there was that one time with her pants, so she took a stiff drink from the whiskey bottle. She was not particularly comfortable with the idea of a IPG agent joining in their drinking game, she had a hard time believing they understood the concept of fun.

She then spoke up “Never have I ever gotten high ” she wasn't looking at the rest of her squad after she spoke , her eyes firmly affixed on the bottle . There where worse things she could bring up, but this was just the first round.


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Max leaned back, sitting up against the wall, and raised his bottle to Linda before taking a drink, before squinting irritably at the bottle. "Valken could've at least sent us the good whiskey, if he wanted us to behave. This cheap stuff just makes us want to screw around." He eyed Elijah a little bit bemusedly though. "And some of us are just only children to start with, you know."

He pondered for a moment, thinking about the possibilities. He'd only had to drink once so far, and that seemed like a boring way to run the game. What was the point in a drinking game where people weren't drinking very often? Even if the booze wasn't great, it was booze, and that was the most important part. Plus, Lewis Pasco day wasn't supposed to be a day or sobriety and boring things.

"Well. Never have I ever been a Marine." He smirked a little at that one, since it was all but cheating, with this kind of company.


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Bernhard groaned as he took drink after drink. One for having siblings, a second for power armor combat, a third for getting high, a fourth for being a Marine!

"Only things that needs to line up are your gun and your targets!" Laura declared, throwing a mischievous glance at Bernhard when he wasn't looking. "Oh and when the Admiral calls for an inspection, that's also when you need to line up! Otherwise, he has someone yell at you about everything you did wrong," Laura recalled belatedly about that one time when a Marine in her squad had been yelled at in front of the squad during an inspection. Much to Chief Santiago's consternation.

"Bernhard, your turn!" she called out to him loudly.

What could he do that Laura also had not done? The more she drank, the more ... everything Laura became. Bernhard wanted to cut her off now but... he couldn't. Not without undermining her authority as squad leader.

"Never have I ever been in a gang," he declared. Laura was certainly never in a gang and her pout showed it. She couldn't drink this round though she wanted to see who here had.