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Nepleslian Orders Admiral Calloway, Lysander - Ketsurui-Motoyoshi, Katsuko.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

🎖️ Game Master
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Most honored Motoyoshi Katsuko.

I hope you will not find offense with the opening words of this message in the manner in which I will address one such as yourself and your many titles and honors you have accrued over your lifetime and know with certainty I mean no disrespect in disregarding them, but instead offer you what I can to deliver this message in haste to your inquiries without the preamble of unnecessary politics our stations demand of us at times that may otherwise delay a response.

For this reason, I will tell you, a member of the aggrieved party what I can; Being the highest authority in Corporal Ötto Leupold Reiters chain of command and will tell you what you deserve to know that is within my ability to tell you, without threatening the operational security of ongoing operations I have command over. Though even this much I am sorry to admit may still leave you wanting.

What you choose to do with this information and who you choose to share it with is at your discretion, and you should feel free to do so as you please without repercussion.

Corporal Reiter's ship was located, among others, in the aftermath of a fleet engagement in an unclaimed and uninhabited system twenty lightyears to the core-west of the colonial expanse. This system was one of many that had been chosen as a stopgap to stall a sizeable mercenary invasion backed by our common enemy; The Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia. While the ships logs are corrupted by damage, enough remains to piece together that his gunship failed to evacuate the system in time for the Kuvexians arrival and perished in a breakaway attempt made alongside a larger destroyer from an allied force they attempted to escape with when they were intercepted by the mercenary fleet.

Analyzing the aftermath as well as residual traces tracked back to other destroyed vessels suggest that a vessel left cloaked under orders from myself to observe the enemy attempted to aid or cover their escape and joined in the battle of its own volition, but regretfully all three vessels were lost in the fighting. The wreckage on the side of the enemy was minimal and unlike our own vessels were salvaged by the Kuvexians but still left behind enough evidence to allow my technicians to surmise that at least a half dozen vessels, including a sub-capital vessel perished or were damaged beyond repair alongside our own as was made estimate from the original count of those that first engaged our forces upon their arrival in the system as compared to more recent battles where several identified vessels were absent when the entire mercenary fleet was sighted in later engagements with my fleet.

This evidence as well as the ship logs were recovered recently after the destruction of the mercenary fleet allowed our allies in the Viridian Array to dispatch vessels to investigate the scene and their last known whereabouts. And while the wreckage of his gunship was located, many of its marines, such as Ötto were unaccounted for and the bodies of those few recovered are considered to be in un-revivable condition due to the destruction or damage of their cerebral chips.

Corporal Reiter was one of fifty declared MIA, Missing In Action as a result when his and the locations of the forty-nine other marines were unable to be located following a thorough sweep of the area. While capture by the enemy is a possibility, it is currently not one that my war council is entertaining until further evidence comes to light. As such all search efforts will continue for as long as they can before they must be recalled.

My actions and orders are responsible for corporal Reiters unknown fate as well as the fates of the thousands that have and will come after him. And as a fellow leader of men I know, you must understand that the difference of what makes a good or bad leader can sometimes be as simple as knowing the difference between Spending lives and Wasting them.

It is my belief, knowing what I know now, that corporal Ötto Leupold Reiter and those many heroes that served alongside him did not waste their lives on that day but spent them for all they were worth and more to make a difference when they could have chosen surrender or to leave their allies behind.

It is the strength and sacrifice of individuals such as Corporal Ötto Leupold Reiter that make up the foundations and ideals from which our peoples' core values derive from. And while his fate may remain unknown, it is my belief that corporal Reiter and those he served along with are still waiting to be found; Their duty left undone until they know our peoples can live free and safe from the threat of evil the likes of the Kuvexians.

Though I do not know your connection to corporal Reiter and have no wish to pry into his or the Motoyoshi clans personal affairs I will simply pass on, as the first to seek knowledge of his fate, my apologies to you and those connected to you and him for any grief or anger caused by these statements and my unwillingness to seal his fate or those of his comrades in finality until I am certain without a shadow of a doubt of their status.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly should this answer not suffice and I will do whatever is within my means to appease your concerns on the matter to the best of my ability.

- Admiral Lysander Calloway.
Taskforce Bulwark, NSS Sickslayer.

To: Admiral Lysander Calloway
From: Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
CC: Star Army Command, Attn: Taisho Yui; 1XFCOMM Motoyoshi-Yamada, Ayano Taisho
BCC: (Blind Copy - Encrypted): Her Majesty Empress Ketsurui Himiko I (Copying due to possible diplomatic implications/opportunities)

In respect to Admiral Lysander Calloway,

I admit my own use of titles was in hopes of garnering the attention I could actually communicate with as opposed to an automated system. It saddens me to hear that my daughter's promised lover and the father of her children have been missing in action for that length of time before we were contacted. Not to bring opportunity to the deaths of our honored military members but perhaps it is time that Nepleslia and Yamatai sat down again; such an important situation such as the notification of loved ones of their lost or departed person should be something that goes more smoothly between our nations. We've shared so much in these last years and our losses to the Kuvexians is one of them, it makes me wonder how many families that have connections on both sides of our borders are waiting for answers or are receiving the heartless words of a faceless automated messenger. I'm glad my daughter did not receive that message directly, for it is something that should be delivered with a sense of emotion and caring. The duty of the family, and to families divided by borders is something which should be on our minds.

I will deliver the information to my daughter through her chain of command. Despite the dead ends both of us reach in this information until Corporal Ötto Leupold Reiter and other losses like him are hopefully recovered, I appreciate you taking the time to communicate with me, Admiral. Should any other information become available I would appreciate our continued openness, cooperation, and contact in this matter going forwards.

In light of the implications of this situation, I was wondering if there was someone in your sitting government that would possibly have an ear that would be willing to hear issues like these which trouble both nations. I admit I am ambitiously running for Imperial Premier of Yamatai, after retirement as a Taisho of the Star Army, and although this has been a personal issue it is something I fear many probably face on both sides of our nations, it would be of value to me to be able to start a dialog in advance of my hopeful election to perhaps establish a direction which would help make issues like these move more smoothly and with dignity and compassion for our citizens.

May the winds of Kikyo Sector be at your back, Admiral.
Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko

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@Charmaylarg Dufrain