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RP Concluded Akatski’s Escapades


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RP Date
Ye 45.1
RP Location
Port Jiyuu originally, YSS Mazu, and others

Akatski’s Age: Neko equivalent of a 2 month old baby​

part 1​

Akatski giggled happily, as the little baby Neko flew through the air, having matured enough to learn she could fly. Unfortunately for her minders, appointed by Katsuko and Akina, this new ability spelled trouble for them to handle, despite their own experience of flying. Akatski used expert dodging skills to keep herself from getting captured, and eventually managed to escape out an opened window. Forcing her minders and additional others to fly or run after her to make sure she didn’t get hurt. Her dodging seemed to indicate some latent intelligence, some kind of strategic savant nature that allowed her to not get captured as she made it to the streets. One Neko tried to grab her only to slam into a vehicle, trying to stop itself from hitting the baby. This allowed for a distraction that made it possible for the youngling to get to the airlocks, which, conveniently, one of them was opened, resulting from a ship being docked. Unfortunately for the Babysitters, the airlock closed after she made it into a ship, a certain ship called the YSS Mazu Akatski didn’t think of this, as her little mind thought only of innocent exploration.
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Part 2
[This thread is non-canon only for goofiness, and adorables]
“Huh?” said a random Technician, blinking her eyes as she looked around. “Hey, you paying attention?” said another technician. “Yeah, yeah, sorry thought I saw something odd,” Said First Technician. “What? asked the Second Technician. “A flying Neko youngling, at least baby stage” replied First Technician. “phhft! if a baby was in here, flying we’d know about it.” Said Second Technician. Akatski just giggled causing them to look up to see a flying baby Neko just flying down the corridor. “Are we asleep?” asked First Technician. “No, ” said Second technician as she raised the alert. “Uh intruder alert, theres uh a Neko baby flying around. We need back up.” reported Second Technician as they tried to fly up to get the baby, to make sure that she doesn’t come to harm, but Akatski seemed to be slippery for the technicians.
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Part 3
As the alarm blared throughout the ship, crew members started rushing to the scene, perplexed by the reports of a flying Neko baby. Akatski continued to giggle and flutter through the corridor, evading their attempts to catch her. She clearly enjoyed the game of cat and mouse, or rather, Neko and crew members.

More crew members joined in the chase, forming a comical scene as they stumbled and bumped into each other, trying to catch the mischievous youngling. "Watch out!" one crew member shouted as they narrowly avoided colliding with another technician.

Akatski's tiny hands tapped on the metal floor as she weaved in and out of legs, her cute little tail swishing with excitement. Her antics seemed to bring a sense of joy and lightness to the otherwise serious ship.

As they turned a corner, Akatski found herself face-to-face with the ship's ensign, Takashi. He raised an eyebrow, trying to suppress a smile as he took in the sight of the flying Neko baby. "Well, well, what do we have here?" he chuckled.

Akatski froze for a moment, staring at the tall figure before bursting into a fit of laughter. She fluttered up and landed on Commander Takashi's shoulder, nuzzling against his cheek. The crew members, now catching up, couldn't help but release a collective "aww" at the adorable sight.

Takashi couldn't resist the charm of the mischievous Neko. With a gentle smile, he extended his hand and let Akatski crawl onto it. "Looks like we've got ourselves a stowaway," he said, his voice filled with warmth.

Akatski purred contentedly, finally finding herself in the arms of someone who would ensure her safety. The crew members, relieved that the chase was over, gathered around, cooing and petting the little Neko.

And so, amidst the chaos and laughter, the YSS Mazu welcomed its newest crew member. Akatski's escapades had brought joy and lightheartedness to the ship, reminding everyone of the importance of playfulness and innocence, even in the vastness of space.
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