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Approved Character Akechi Shika

weapons systems against NH-27's.
What is this supposed to mean?

This is probably due to Shika's extensive experience with filling out forms and memos regarding his attempts to introduce non-standard recreational activities to reluctant CO's.
Extensive experience? I thought he hadn't got his first assignment.

easily bored by maths
"Maths" isn't a word.

Shika is well-versed in the MIKO suite, and has studied SHRINE-OS and keeps himself updated on the SHRINE-OS package as per its standard distribution present in all Yamataian vessels.
MIKO isn't standard on Yamataian vessels. It's standard on vessels of the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces--a separate military of another nation.
Maths actually is a word, just as much as any dialectical term is. It's just not as commonly used as as Mathematics, or math.
Character approved.
I'm adopting this abandoned character.