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RP Arrivals

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After greeting the Iroma ambassador with a deep bow of her own, along with a kindness nestled in a smile, Yuumi took her position at her part of the table. Her deputy Miki filled the Premier's water cup, then took a seat behind her.

"We all appear well and ready to begin," she said. "Before we do, some minor ground rules, to ensure we remain on task. First, aides can speak to the delegate they assist, but not to other delegates, and not to other aides, while the conference is in session. When we are recessed, mingling is encouraged."

The Neko's blood-red eyes darted around the table, which had the delegates in a kind of heptagon pattern to ensure no one fully had their back to the door.






"I think we can be mature enough to not worry about raising hands to ask to speak. A free flow of ideas is essential, and I'm sure we all have a lot to say. I thank everyone for leaving their armaments outside."

OK. Here we go. The lights lowered slightly, and the table's central projector opened up.
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