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RP: Setareh Wing [Aside] Energy Flash


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Karuah nodded softly to herself as she gave the course one last look and then turned to the others. "With this number of drones it might be best to spread out some on the approach, so we can split the drones up and take them out, also we cna make sure if anything is hiding for our way back. We just need to make sure we cover each other and move mostly one at a time." After she finished speaking she stepped in, gun readied as she made a quick sprint for the long low object to her right(#6) it was a little unsafe as a choice, but it would get attention and possible draw drones into the firing range of her comrades.

Alex Hart

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Simulation Bay

Altair nodded at Karuah befor covering her as she ran. e deciding on a course of action. He advanced to a tall cross shaped structure in the middle of the field (#3). This ought to give him cover in all directions, as well as options to advance and retreat into cover. He kept an eye out for drones and movement, and set himself up to cover either Irfan or Karuah.


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With both of her goofy squadmates going running off, Irfan was given a pretty simplistic option. As Karuah ran to the low cover to their left and Altair went up the gut like some terrible tactical choice, Irfan turned and looked to the tall building presented as an obstacle. Her rifle was stashed on her back, the girl smirking as she ran ahead and kicked up off the ground at an angle. Even if it was just meant to be a vague obstacle, it had the ledges of windowsills and edges in the building that allowed scaling if one was patient and skilled enough. And after having spent a lot of her life climbing in an out of frames, up the sides of airships after jumping off them, Irfan might as well have been an ace at climbing. Or, at least, basically skilled to the degree that she could climb such a thing. But her goal wasn't the very top quite yet, instead shifting carefully along the southern side of the tower-like building to the western corner to spy around it and scout out if there were more drones in hiding. Being a good sniper and scout meant that one had to analyze the battlefield, after all... and she certainly didn't want to get so high up but be exposed once at the very top to some sort of heavy drone buzzing around...